Three Easy Things to Stop Doing and Three Smart Things to Start Doing Right Now

Our team at HireMyMom works with amazing small business owners every day, and we see all the love, sweat and tears that go into running and building a small business. We know that it’s a labor of love.

Every business is different, and every leader has her own style. But, we also see a few consistent practices across all our partners. A few guiding principles apply universally, whether you run a small Virtual Assistant business, a thriving online store, or a quickly growing accounting firm. 

Here are three do’s and closely related don’ts we’ve observed over time.

Do Remember Why You Got Started

No matter how successful a small business is, there will be tough days, rough weeks, and even difficult years. Likewise, there will be beautiful moments, incredible months, great projects, and unbelievable years. No matter the season of your business, it’s important to remember why you went into business. The memory of your initial inspiration and drive can help sustain you as your business ebbs and flows and your life changes over time.

Don’t Lose Sight of Why You Keep Going

Your reasons for getting started may be different than the reasons that keep you going. Maybe a desire for more time with family prompted you to launch your business. Or, perhaps you felt constrained by the more traditional career routes. As time goes on, your reasons will likely change. Maybe that initial desire to spend more time with family becomes a plan to pass on a legacy, and a passion for a different type of career becomes an effort to open new career avenues to other people.

No matter the reason, when the going gets tough, remember why you signed up for this line of work and why it matters to you now. This will help ground you as you work through the day-to-day noise.

Don’t Go it Alone

Running a small business can be lonely. You make many decisions and often do the job of several people–especially when you are getting started.

But, no entrepreneur is an island. Finding the support of other people can make the journey easier and more enjoyable. It takes some effort to locate the people who can support you on your path, but we promise it’s worth it.

Do Cultivate Resources and a Network

Here are some ways to get started:

There’s a special section for women-owned businesses and an opportunity to get free business counseling from a partner organization. 

Your local Chamber of Commerce is likely another good source of information and contacts. Often, the chamber keeps a list of retirees or seasoned executives who are willing to mentor business owners. Getting this level of support can help you clarify your thinking about your business and gain new perspectives.

  • Go to conferences and events to help you make industry contacts and to meet people involved in the same business. A deep bench of industry contacts will make it easier for you to know what’s happening in the field, provide an expanded group of people to reach out to with questions, and help you meet like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Join a group like HireMyMom’s Mastermind for Small Business Owners or get a coach. We are excited to offer both coaching and a Mastermind group for small business owners. HireMyMom’s SBO Mastermind program can help bring out the best in your business and your life. You may benefit from one or both of these programs in your business journey.
  • Coaching: An experienced, independent, outside voice can help provide feedback on what’s not working and give you the clarity you need on the best way to use your time and energy. A coach like our own Founder and CEO, Lesley Pyle, can help you define what success means for you and guide you as you grow your business.

Research shows that working with a coach is the most effective and efficient way to experience the breakthrough you need to grow personally and professionally. You can benefit from Lesley’s 25 years as an entrepreneur and her insights into balancing work and family from a wife and mother who’s been down the road you are traveling.

  • Coming soon! Small Business Owners Mastermind, which is designed to support entrepreneurs as they grow their business. The group will start in 2022, but you can sign up for the waitlist now. When you join this group, you’ll have access to a peer group that knows what you are going through because they face similar challenges. 

Through weekly meetings, you’ll develop authentic relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who will become friends as you support each other and grow together.

Don’t Try to Do it All Yourself

As you launch your business, it’s tempting to want to do everything yourself. And it makes sense on one level–you are passionate about your business. You care deeply about its success, and you know you’ll work hard at any and all tasks. What’s more, it’s challenging to spend money on staff when your work is in the start-up phase.

But, even the most talented entrepreneur needs help and support with some tasks. (Think social media management, operations, routine administrative work.)

It makes sense for you to focus on the things you do best and the things that will make your business succeed, especially as you grow. You don’t need to focus on mastering every task. As the executive and founder, your focus belongs to the core business and making it succeed.

Do Hire The Right People

When you run a small business, your team is your ride or die. Whether you are a team of two or a team of 20, the people you hire are key to helping your team grow. One of the best ways to find the right people is to look for moms who want to work flexible jobs from home.

There’s an army of highly-skilled professional women out there looking for flexible jobs that help them support their families while working from home. When you tap into that network, you get access to a vast swath of top-notch talent that can help your business soar.

To find mom professionals interested in remote job opportunities, partner with a niche job site like HireMyMom to access a dedicated pool of professionals looking for remote work. Because HireMyMom charges job seekers a fee to access job listings, all our job seekers are serious about finding work. And, the volume of resumes that flow in is more manageable than the numbers that arrive when jobs are advertised on free job sites.

Employers love us because they know they can find high-quality, highly motivated candidates who want to work from home by partnering with HireMyMom.

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