HireMyMom’s Concierge service was created for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, who need to hire help but don’t have the time or desire to go through the time-consuming process.

With our full service Concierge service, our HR Specialists will do it all for you start to finish and present you with the top candidate(s).

The Concierge service includes:

  • Consultation to learn about the position,
  • Writing or enhancing a professional, descriptive and thorough job post,
  • Posting the job on our website (once approved by client),
  • Reviewing all applicant resumes and cover letters submitted,
  • Preparing interview questions specific to the job,
  • Scheduling interviews – Reach out to selected candidates, coordinate interview scheduling,
  • Conducting interviews, record interview notes, save interview recordings for those who give consent to record,
  • Selecting top candidate(s) and send to client including candidate summaries and video interviews,
  • Wrap-up – Send courtesy email to candidates not selected.


All positions must be remote. For hybrid positions, please contact us to ensure a good fit.

We have two levels of service for our Concierge service depending on the type of role you are seeking to fill.

Concierge Level I projects include the following roles:

    • Administrative
    • Support Services
    • Accounting / Bookkeeping
    • Customer Service
    • Project Coordinator

For Level I roles, click here to get started

Concierge Level II are for the following roles:

  • Executive level 
  • Manager
  • Media / Marketing
  • Technology 
  • Web design / development
  • Consultant
  • Sales
  • Bi-lingual

For Level II roles, click here to get started.

Questions? Contact us.

We also offer RUSH Service for those needing to hire within two weeks as well as ONBOARDING Service to take one more major task off your plate!

Here’s what others have said about our Concierge service:

“I was familiar with the HireMyMom website but my hiring “know how” was limited so when I saw that they’d launched their Concierge service, I jumped at the opportunity to try it. Lesley was exceptional in helping me understand what I was buying and what to expect, and ultimately they exceeded my expectations. Katie, my HR Specialist, was responsive, timely, and offered advice regarding pay range, and other things to consider. She had 3 strong candidates for me, with video interviews. She offered her top recommendation of candidates and she was spot on. I hired the first candidate and she’s been with us now for six months. She’s terrific, loyal, hard-working, and eager to grow. I look forward to the next time I need to use this service. It was well worth the investment to have HireMyMom take care of the initial vetting for me and only present me the top 3 picks.”  Lilly Ferrick


“(HireMyMom’s HR Specialist) Tesia took the time to understand our company and the role, so she was able to give decent context to candidates. She weeded out many through the resume review and initial screening interviews and presented a few more qualified candidates to us for consideration. The shared site where resumes and videos are housed was very useful and an unexpectedly positive feature. In the video interviews that Tesia conducted, she was able to pull out of the candidates interesting tidbits of information and also give us a peek into their character, what is driving them now and what is important to them. Tesia offered to include specific questions from us, but we did not need to take her up on that kind offer at this time. Once we landed on a candidate that we liked and wanted to speak with directly, Tesia facilitated that connection, and the rest was up to us. We ended up hiring (a great candidate) who is well qualified and already doing a nice job for us. Our company is pleased with the result that Hire My Mom and Tesia provided. We will use you again, happily so, but we would like to work with Tesia again. She understands me, our company and has a decent feel for what a strong candidate looks like to fill this role in the future.  You have a nice business! My compliments as it can be a heavy lift to get to where you are today.” Scott, CCO of a tech company 


We were very impressed with all the candidates for different reasons. Thank you so much for working with us on this! It was one of the best experiences and so worth every penny! We will definitely be back when we need to grow our team again. Hannah Moore, CFP


Image by Marvin Steindler (marvinsteindler.com)“We have an ongoing need for project-based support, and HireMyMom has proven to be a great resource for us over the years. We have been strapped for time so we decided to try their Concierge Service, which was a huge help. This service has saved us a lot of time, plus seeing the video interview gave us insights that you can’t get from a resume or just a phone call. We’ll definitely use this service in the future.”   Laurie Peterson, Signature Marketing Services