What should I do if a company ghosts me during the hiring process?

It’s not even a spooky season, but you might find yourself encountering more and more ghosts on a regular basis.

Are you familiar with the term ghosting? This refers to when someone just leaves a situation with absolutely no explanation. At least, that’s what the kids are calling it these days! You may have experienced this yourself during the hiring process: you spent lots of time putting together the PERFECT résumé, answering questions in a phone interview, spending time through lots of face-to-face meetings, and then…NOTHING?!?

Ghosting is becoming an all too familiar phenomena in the world of job hunting. In fact, 77% of job seekers have said that potential employers ghosted them. There’s no clear cut line for where ghosting occurs, but you can probably agree that the further you make it in the process, the more a yes or no becomes important to you. But what should you do if you don’t hear back?

#1 Reach out!

Companies ghost candidates for a myriad of reasons, but sometimes they aren’t ghosting you — they’re just working their way through the hiring process which can take some time. It never hurts to reach out and ask about the status of your application. This can show the company your dedication and interest in the position, and it can also get you some peace of mind to know where you stand. 

It’s important, though, to move on if the company is ghosting you. If you have tried to contact them several times with no response, that’s a good indicator they are going in a different direction.

#2 Never stop searching.

Until you have signed a final agreement with an employer, do not stop searching for jobs! This will make sure the hiring process is not at a stand still for you, and always work on innovating. Tweak your cover letter with these 5 tips to stand out to potential employers. Practice your interview skills with family and friends. Ask for feedback from companies that have been responsive to understand what you can do better.

#3 Don’t take it personally.

It helps to put things in perspective and understand that it wasn’t something personal that caused a company to ghost you. We’ve seen situations where companies received over 1,000 applications in a very short period of time which caused them to not be able to respond to everyone. We encourage employers (and employees alike) to communicate instead of ghosting, but there can be extenuating circumstances that prevent that.

One of the businesses that uses HireMyMom wanted to share with you what happens on the business side of things when ghosting might occur:

“As a business owner, I appreciate the tenacity of the person following up. My advice would be to continue that practice, while learning to let it go after a period of time. In my business, it is part of the process. Applying for a job is sales. You make your pitch, follow up, then move on to the next. It has never been my intention to ghost anyone. However, the very fact I came to HireMyMom to get help indicates my own inability to tend to every detail. At least from my side, it’s less about being rude than simply scattered and trying to keep too many plates spinning. Please don’t take it personally.”

Don’t worry, these sorts of ghosts won’t haunt you! If you’re getting ready to start your job search, check out these 14 résumé skills to help you stand out to potential employers. Ghosting is not 100% preventable, but you can refine your materials and skills to the best of your ability to stand out and make it hard for companies to ghost you! Just be open with your communication as to what you expect with your potential employer, remember that it’s just business, and always stay on the hunt for new job listings.

Are you getting ghosted a lot in your job hunt, or is this something you’ve never heard of before? Let us know! 




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