5 Tips For a Winning Cover Letter to Get You Hired

Ah, the cover letter – the sister document of your resume! It’s an important but often overlooked part of the job searching process, and one that demands more attention.  Whether cover letters come across as an afterthought, are too lengthy, or simply lack any depth, there can be a number of errors avoided by taking a second look.

Grab their Attention

Realize the hiring person may get 30-50 resumes (or more on mega job sites). And the resumes that get read are the ones with something that GRABS their ATTENTION!  Something like, “Let Me Take More Off Your Plate!”  Or, “I thrive on being proactive in ways to make your life easier! Hire Me!”

Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your cover letter and show your “go-getter” attitude. No one wants to hire a bump on a log. Also, the P.S. is the most read part of ANY email or letter.  P.S. Your “Go Getter Attitude” so that you stand out

Be Diligent

You want your first impression to be a good one! Be sure that your grammar is perfect, your spelling is correct, and your sentences well-structured. Don’t rush through this because it tells the hiring person you aren’t paying attention to details and aren’t putting 100% effort in.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t inject some personality into your letter, but proper writing rules remain a required element of the job application documents.

Focus on the Company

The number one goal of your cover letter is to show why you would be a great fit for the job!  Your letter shouldn’t go on and on about your accomplishments, but rather convey them in a way that shows relevance to the employer.

You should always look up the company to show that you’ve done your homework and took the time to learn about them. (Hint: Read their “About Us” page and a few blogs to get a feel for the person and company).

Bullets are Key

Begin your cover letter with a brief paragraph or two, then consider using bullet points to highlight key selling points on why you think you’re the best candidate.  This breaks up large chunks of text, allows the employer to see your points quickly and easily, and makes you appear considerate and well prepared.

Show Why You’re a Fit

What do you bring to the table?  List specific character traits, past experiences, and job roles that are a direct fit to this specific position. Have a testimonial from a past client? You may want to consider adding it to your cover letter.

You may have had 10 jobs that you’re proud of, but which jobs, and more importantly, which qualities from those jobs, will allow you to shine in this new role?

By focusing on the company and job position, you’re focusing on the employer’s needs, not your own.  Be sure to include succinct, relevant information that will allow the employer to see what they would get from you immediately.

Lastly, make it easy for them to read, add some personality, and show them your “go-getter attitude”!

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