The Perks of Hiring People with No Experience

Hiring new talent can be an exciting and frustrating experience, especially if it’s your first time hiring employees. There are so many things to consider, like how much to pay, what benefits to offer and how to keep your new hires from leaving once you get them on board! But, how do you decide which candidate is right for your organization? Someone with years of experience, or someone with no experience? That greatly depends on which position you’re hiring for, but let’s explore the benefits of hiring someone who has no experience — this strategy can save you money and help you foster trust within your organization as you build your employee’s experience.

Finding the Right Fit

When you’re in need of someone to fill a position, be sure to think about what skills they will have that can be utilized at your company. There are many benefits to hiring people with no experience such as being able to train them and mold them into the perfect fit for your company. Plus, there is a lot less pressure on you when it comes time to make a decision because you don’t have any preconceived notions about who they are as an employee which can lead to better decisions. When considering hiring someone who has no experience, make sure they have skills that can be useful at your company and once hired, then take the time to train and coach them so they can grow into the perfect person for the position. 

These skills don’t have to come from direct experience in your industry; for example, if you run a marketing company, a potential candidate could put on their résumé that they have experience working with customers to persuade them to purchase a product from working the floor in retail — they just don’t have direct marketing experience. This is still a skill that can be put to good use at your company! In fact, in this example, this gives that job candidate a unique perspective into what consumers want that may have been previously missing at your business.

They Are an Investment

One of the biggest perks of hiring someone without experience is that they are an investment. A person without experience can be a great asset to a company because it takes time for them to learn and grow. When hiring people with no experience, you invest in them and their future because they become more valuable over time. Plus, there is less turnover when you hire people who have no experience because you build trust and loyalty by showing candidates you are willing to work with them and allow them to move up in your company.

They Are Eager to Learn

Hiring someone without any experience can be a risky move. There is always the chance that they will not be able to keep up, or worse, quit after a week. However, there are plenty of reasons why it might be worth the risk. For starters, you can find people who are eager to learn and will be happy to go above and beyond what is required in order to make themselves valuable. This can lead to your company having an influx of motivated employees who have the potential for growth and education. 

They Bring Fresh Ideas

Hiring people without experience can be intimidating because you don’t know what they’re capable of. But, it also offers many benefits that inexperienced managers might not think about. One major perk is fresh ideas. If you hire someone without experience, they’ll bring a new perspective to the company and help you find new ways to improve processes and increase your creativity. For example, if you have an employee who has been working for years on a particular project or product, they may not see other solutions that could help make the work process smoother and more efficient. In some cases, having an outsider’s perspective on things can be valuable because it’s likely they won’t be tainted by old habits or assumptions that others may be stuck in.

As mentioned before, hiring someone with experience versus no experience comes down to your company culture and the position you’re hiring for. There are benefits to both, but focusing specifically on those with no experience, they can be a great investment for your company! What has been your company’s experience hiring someone who has not worked in your industry? Let us know!

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