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5 Ways to Add Style to Your Home Office

When you work from home, you’re bound to spend a lot of time in your home office.  We’ve already discussed the importance of having a separate space just for work, but does it inspire you? While your office doesn’t need to look like it came from the pages of a

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4 Fun Planners to Get & Stay Organized

Let’s face it, planning your day is a lot more fun with a beautiful calendar!  Not only do the planners below help to keep you organized and on track, some even offer motivational tools and self-improvement options to help you grow. Read along for some of the best and most

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7 Top Tips for Time Management

Time management is a hot topic these days.  Between family, a social life, and a career, it can be tough to make it all work.  When you work from home, you’re also balancing home activities, chores, and possibly kids as well, making it a delicate balancing act! Read along for

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4 Tips for Back to School Success

You can feel it in the air – it’s almost time for back to school season! The commercials are in full force and everyone is planning their last minute summer getaways before the rush of school begins. While this time of year is bittersweet, it can come with scheduling challenges

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6 Tips for Your Best Resume Ever

A high quality resume is a daunting task, but it’s completely necessary if you’re entering the job search market.  Traditional resumes are good, but what can you do to really stand out? To make the best use of your time and application efforts, read along for some best practices in

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4 Ways to Spot Scammy Work From Home Jobs

There are many postings and listings out there for work from home jobs.  Unfortunately, a lot of these are very spammy or just plain scams.  Since working from home is so in demand these days, it can be tempting to apply for these kinds of jobs and see where it

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4 Tips to Recharge and Destress

In any job, there comes a time when you face burnout, long hours, or just find yourself in need of a break.  While working long hours is great for productivity, it’s not the best for your mental outlook.  If you don’t give yourself time to relax, destress, and unplug once

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4 Ways to Stay Connected When Working from Home

When you work from home, it can be difficult to integrate social interaction into your day.  While your kids may be home with you, it’s still important to maintain a social life – digitally and in person.  Staying connected to co-workers and employers is very important, as is maintaining your

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5 Tips for Healthy Eating When You Work From Home

Even though working from home allows you to generally eat whatever you want anytime, sometimes that can make it a struggle to stay healthy! In a traditional work setting, the issues usually revolve around takeout and convenience foods, while working from home can create poor eating habits and all day

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