How to Stand Out in Your Next Interview

When you work from home, or if you’re trying to obtain a home based job, you often still have to go through the interview stage.  Hiring for and online job is much like any other job, and brushing up on your interview skills is still necessary.

Read along for some of our best tips and advice to truly shine in your next work from home interview!

Dress well

Even though your interview will take place via the phone, Skype, FaceTime, or some other conferencing device, it’s still important to dress well.  When you dress up, you often present your best self, and it’s a great way to improve posture, confidence, and positive feelings about yourself.

Even if your interview is done by phone, it’s still encouraged to dress in regular clothes.  You don’t have to go all out and get super fancy, but a nice, normal outfit can really make you feel more on top of your game and ready to go.


Being prepared is a key component to any interview – in person or online.  It’s crucial to research the company or employer, know your resume, and look into the materials that you previously sent over.  With the internet, there’s no excuse to not spend some time learning about your potential company and/or employer(s).

Research and review common interview questions, practice with a friend or family member, and generally know all you can about the company and job position.  Additionally, ensure that you know what you said in your cover letter, just in case specific points come up.  This will ensure that you’re ready to discuss these items freely, and won’t have to hesitate or spend time searching your materials. Show your preparation with data and statistics if that’s relevant, and be sure to show why you would be best employee for your potential employer, not just the other way around.

Know your strengths

While you’re reviewing your resume and cover letter, make a list of your key strengths and how they apply for this specific job position.  This will likely be a question that you’re asked, and it’s also good to go into an interview knowing why you’re the best fit.  Take some time to reflect on the positive aspects of your personality, past job experience, and specific skills that would help you to shine in this new position.

Know your why

Why do you want this job and why do you want to work here?  This is key and will come across in the tone of your voice and of course, if you have to answer these questions. Be honest about why you want this job, as well as why you’re the best fit. Show the interviewer that you’re passionate about obtaining this job, and present your attitude as such.

Being successful in an interview is all about preparation, attitude, and confidence.  Prepare with the above tips and you will be ready to secure your next work from home job position!

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