I Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job…What Now?

Finding the perfect job listing can be very exciting. You send in your application materials and anxiously await news about the next step…but then you don’t hear anything. What does that mean? And is there anything you can do to get a response? These are the number one questions we hear from jobseekers, and we are here to answer them for you:

Why has the company not responded to my application materials?

Unfortunately, some companies choose not to respond at all if an applicant is not who they are looking for. While we work with every business and encourage them to be communicative with all applicants, they may still choose not to reach out. We know that many jobseekers wonder why this happens, and so we asked the companies themselves that provided these responses:

  • Many applicants do not have all the qualifications the company is looking for, so they choose to pass. 
  • Some application materials do not fully explain why the candidate is qualified for the position, so they choose to pass.
  • Companies find their dream candidate, but do not have the time to let all applicants know that the position is filled — businesses have told us that oftentimes when they do this, many of the applicants ask why they were not chosen, which takes more time for the busy business owners to respond to and get into conversations with applicants.

I sent in an application and have never heard back…what do I do?

Unlike mega job sites that do not allow you to reach out to companies, we highly encourage you to reach out to the businesses to check on the status of your application (unless they have posted not to do so in their job listing). Sometimes this will prompt companies to update you. Others may still not respond, at which time we encourage you to apply to another listing. Additionally, be sure to ask questions if you make it to an interview — ask for specifics about when the company plans to get back to candidates and what you can do to follow up if you have not heard back.

What do I do if no company has ever gotten back to me on my applications?

If you have applied to multiple listings, but have never heard back, it might be time to take a closer look at what each company is asking for in a candidate. No business ever expects to find someone with every skill they are seeking, but they normally search for someone with at least 75% of the skills listed on the post. Are you applying to listings where you only meet one or two of the qualifications? Some positions can sound fun, interesting, and new, but unless a company mentions that skill level does not matter, it is better to apply to positions that match your skill set. Companies have told us that they tend to not respond to applicants that do not closely match their job listing qualifications.

If you are applying to places that closely match your skill set, then it might be time to take a closer look at your application materials. For your résumé, hiring managers need to be able to quickly glance at it and be able to easily understand it. Sometimes it can be tempting to list every position and every software you have ever used, but companies find that overwhelming and hard to decipher amongst all the candidates. Use bullet points, and tailor your résumé for each job you apply for so that only the most important information is highlighted. For cover letters, this is your chance to explain why your skills are a good match for the company. Pick your top two or three strengths and explain your experience in those and how they fit with what the company is searching for — make sure to use the same keywords in the cover letter that were used in the job description. 

Why are companies reaching out to me but not hiring me?

Some businesses do send out a notification once they have filled the position. It can be tempting to reach out to companies to ask for feedback, but most of them have told us they simply do not have time to provide it to every single applicant that applied. Instead of directly asking the company, you can always talk to our team — they are more than happy to provide feedback on your application materials to try and pinpoint why a company went a different direction.

If you have reviewed this information and still find yourself struggling, consider our Cultivate Course or our Job Seeker Services that can help. These resources will give you the additional edge you may need to get hired!

Do you have other questions that we did not address? Reach out and ask! We would also love to hear other job seeker’s tips and tricks that they have found most helpful when applying for remote positions.



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