The Top Five Ways to Avoid Making a Bad Hire

At some point, many companies hire someone they later regret. It happens more than you may think. But that doesn’t mean you should let it happen to your business, and there are a few key things you can do to avoid the bad hires. Hiring the wrong person can be costly, not only in terms of the money you spend but also in terms of the time and energy you expend trying to train them or fill their shoes with someone better suited for the role. While there’s no guaranteed way to find the perfect hire every time, these five strategies will help minimize your chances of making a bad hire.

Set Clear Expectations

Define exactly what you expect of a person in their job role. Be clear about the tasks you want them to perform and your expectations for their performance. Write down these expectations so there is no ambiguity. Remember, you cannot control how someone does their job so focus on what they should do as opposed to how they do it.

Show Appreciation

No matter how much you may be in need of someone, do not hire them without first showing that you value and need them. This is especially important when hiring remote employees. Keep in mind that the best way to show appreciation is not by talking about what they can do for you, but rather by letting them know how they will make your company better. When it comes to remote jobs, even small things like sending a quick email or text message or giving them an unexpected high-five through Skype can go a long way in demonstrating that you care about their work and want them around for the long haul.

Define Goals

Start by asking the candidate to define what their goals are for the job. You should be able to tell quickly whether or not someone is qualified based on their goals, and this will also give you an idea of what qualities they’re looking for in their next position. Ask questions that will help you figure out how well they’ll work within your environment: What would you like to accomplish if you are hired for this position?  How do you define success? What were some of your previous jobs, and why did you leave them? After hearing the answers to these questions, ask yourself if you can meet their expectations. If so, then there’s a good chance that this person is worth pursuing further, and it will let you know if they are a cultural workplace fit.

Understand Work-Life Balance

As an employer — especially one who is hiring remotely — it is important to understand a job candidate’s work-life balance. If they are stay at home moms, working around their schedules will be very important. During an interview, ask the job seeker what sort of schedule they are looking for/need when it comes to their work day. They may have different hours during the week and weekends. Discussing these needs beforehand can help create a better work-life balance and avoid any misunderstandings down the line.

Pay Attention to Red Flags

Any red flag you notice in an interview is most likely a reflection of the kind of work that person will perform for your company. For example, if someone shows up late to an interview, that could mean they are not taking the hiring process seriously, and they may be late for company meetings and deadlines. There are other similar red flags to pay attention to: 

  • Is the person constantly distracted by what’s going on in their home rather than focusing on the interview? This shows they may not be able to concentrate on their work.
  • Is the person unable to give specific, detailed examples of past work history? This could mean they exaggerated their job seeking materials and may not have the experience needed.
  • Does the person make remarks that make you uncomfortable or seem overly negative? This could escalate and cause issues down the line.

These are just a few examples of red flags, so we always advise you to trust your instincts. Remember, you don’t want to hire a candidate too quickly, you want the right and experienced candidate that will grow with your company!

What are ways you avoid making bad hires for your company? Let us know! If you’re an employer that’s nervous about the hiring process and about potentially making the wrong decision, check out our Concierge Services! Our experts will complete the entire hiring process for you. With years of experience, they can point out red flags you might miss as well as amazing attributes.


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