How to Hire a Superstar in a Sizzling Job Market

Hiring is tough for everyone right now–big and small businesses alike are struggling to find the right people. But, as a small business owner, there’s a tremendous pool of workers that you can tap into–moms who are ready to leave the rat race and find work-from-home positions that provide flexibility and meaning. 

The pandemic forced many families to re-evaluate the work-life balance equation and prompted people to reconsider their career trajectories to determine if they are on the right track. Prudential, the global financial services giant’s latest Pulse of the American Worker survey, found that 48% of Americans are rethinking the type of job they want post-pandemic. According to the research, work-life balance is one of the drivers behind the shift.

These changes are leading to the “great resignation” or the “great reshuffling” that you may have heard about. Many are willing to trade the perks and income of a large employer for a more flexible job where they can contribute in a meaningful way. 

As a small business owner looking for a remote team, you are perfectly positioned to scoop up these workers who can bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the job and your business.

Here’s your guide to tapping into this valuable talent pool to grow your business and add talent that might not ordinarily be available.


Focus on Moms 

Focusing on moms is a great place to find your next superstar employee. As the light starts to appear at the end of the pandemic tunnel, many large employers are plotting return-to-work plans. But, many moms who have been working at home for the last year and a half are looking for an alternative to going back to the office and are turning their notice into large employers rather than reshuffle family life to accommodate a commute. 

If you can offer flexibility and a remote job opportunity, you are well-positioned to find an experienced hire who can help your business grow.

To find mom professionals interested in remote job opportunities, partner with a niche job site like HireMyMom to have access to a dedicated pool of professionals looking for remote work. Because HireMyMom charges job seekers a fee to access job listings, all our job seekers are serious about finding work. And, the volume of resumes that flow in is more manageable than the numbers that arrive when jobs are advertised on free job sites.

Employers love us because they know they can find high-quality, highly motivated candidates who want to work from home by partnering with HireMyMom.


How to Make Sense of Corporate Speak on a Resume

Once you have created a post and applicants start to roll in, finding the right person may take a little detective work. 

As people transition out of jobs with large employers, resumes may be full of unfamiliar terms and titles that don’t seem to match your needs. But, a few tricks can make those resumes easier to decipher.

As you review resumes, look for department names and activities that line up with your needs. For example, suppose you are looking for someone to do online marketing. In that case, you may review candidates from a diverse pool of experiences that include departments that range from marketing to public affairs. Likewise, titles can vary.

You may see titles as varied as a project manager, marketing associate, or vice president of marketing. Try not to get hung up on the title. 

The key is to look at the person’s specific activities to find the fit for your role. As you look through that list of accomplishments for each job, keep your eyes peeled for the types of skills you need. 

For example, if you know that you need someone with marketing experience, look past the title and department and see if the skills you need are listed. It may be tempting to only look at the most recent job the applicant has held. But, looking back a little can reveal how the applicant’s career has unfolded and provide essential clues about overall abilities and learning agility. Review the cover letter for additional insight.

If all this sounds daunting, you may prefer to use HireMyMom’s Concierge service. We created the Concierge Service for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, who need to hire help but don’t have the time or desire to go through the time-consuming process.

With our full-service Concierge Service, our HR Specialists will do it all for you from start to finish and present you with the top candidate(s) sourced from a wide array of qualified applicants who will be dedicated to helping your business succeed and grow. 


Confronting Common Fears

Many employers look at a resume full of corporate experience or stuffed with fancy titles and decide to take a pass for one of several reasons. Here are some of the most common concerns I hear from employers and some additional things to consider:

Fear: The pay requirements for that person will be too high. 

Reality: The applicant saw the pay range in your posting and decided to apply for the job. Some people value flexibility and opportunity more highly than money at different life phases.

Fear: Experienced workers won’t be happy and might leave quickly.

Reality: Workers with a lot of experience know that it takes time to learn a new job and likely have the breadth of perspective that helps them persevere through the first few months on the job. 

Fear: Experiences at a large organization aren’t transferable to my business.

Reality: Many experiences at large employers still involve small teams, so the experience of a small team is unlikely to be foreign. Also, an experienced employee from a large company may be able to share new ideas or best practices with your team. 


Interview to Screen Out Concerns

If you have some of the concerns above or others, rest assured that the proper interview strategy can help you sort through your concerns and find the right person. During the interview:

  • Ask the candidate about her intentions.
  • Inquire about the specific things she is looking for in a new job.
  • Ask about the type of flexibility she is looking for in a job.

These questions can help put your mind at ease and make it easier to feel confident in extending a job offer.


Go Ahead, Leap!

If you’ve never hired an experienced person before, the prospect of doing so can feel daunting. But, with a bit of leg work, the right questions, and a partner like HireMyMom, I’m sure you can find the right person to help your business grow.

Once you find your superstar mom employee, send me a note sharing your experience.



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