Tips for Creating An Attention-Getting Job Seeker Profile to Help You Get Hired!

One of the most popular questions we get asked is: How do I create a great online profile / resume that stands out to employers? So, we’ve put together some examples of what to do (and what not to do). This is a great guide for those just getting started, but it’s also a great reference for those who have their résumés posted that are not hearing back from employers.

It’s important to note that employers cannot see your online profile / resume unless, (1) you’ve applied for their specific job or (2) you are a Platinum member which comes with a rotating profile on the home page. 

Ok, so let’s start simple…

What Not To Do

Your profile is how employers learn more about you. They like to see a headshot so they can put a face to a name with your information. Most importantly, they like profiles that are detailed with LOTS of information.

The profile below is an example of what not to do. There is no picture, and there is no information. Employers use your profile first, and then they turn to your résumé. It’s also a good idea to update your profile on a regular basis. That way, employers know you’re serious about looking for work. Set a reminder to review and update your profile periodically such as quarterly or every six months.

Make sure to complete your profile! It’s totally okay to set up a test profile like the one below to see how things will look, but don’t forget to go back in and fix it later. This profile has a photo (that we’ve hidden), which is great, but nothing at all for employers to reference!

This next profile is another step in the right direction, but it needs more information. The profile has a photo, which is great, and a description, which is also great. But, this doesn’t speak to specific experience for an employer to reference.

What To Do

You’re probably noticing a trend at this point: provide a photo, write a description, and provide specific employment information. We reached out to some of our past top performing profiles for permission to share. Check them out below!

Hannah checked all three boxes: she has a photo that clearly shows her face, she has a description, and she has detailed information about her work history. Plus, she made it even easier for employers to check out companies she has worked with by providing their URLs

Hannah shares: 

I got my job with very quickly (within a week) after applying through HireMyMom! I believe the key was really that online resume and me emailing the company to stand out. I also mentioned their website and how much I loved what their business was about in that initial email. I believe anything to stand out like that is good…When I am looking for jobs my go to is ALWAYS I also tell ALL my friends about it because I believe HireMyMom makes it so easy for moms to stand out in the online/remote workforce.” 

Now, we understand that some people do not want to share their photo online, and that’s okay! We suggest providing further information to interest employers so they are blown away by your experience and skills, like Sara’s profile below; Sara also went the extra mile to provide how many years of experience she has for specific skills.

There you have it! A profile does act as a résumé, so you should fill it out accordingly, but it also gives you more space than a typical résumé so you can go into a little more detail.

If you have questions or need help with your own profile, reach out to the team at HireMyMom — we are more than happy to help! We have several opportunities to help you level up!




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