HireMyMom.com Business Interview: Tim Francis, ProfitFactory.com

Company: ProfitFactory.com
Job Position: President

What’s your company and/or job position?

My consulting company is called ProfitFactory.com and I am the President.  I am also a speaker on the topic of how to streamline and scale your business. We’re basically a managing consulting company for internet businesses, which helps them with systems, procedures, hiring, and gamifying their businesses.

How did you learn about HireMyMom?

I was frustrated – I had tried hiring in the Philippines, India, Jamaica, on eLance, and through many other international contractors and websites.  One night, by chance, I stumbled across HireMyMom.com on a Google search.

What’s your success story with HireMyMom? 

My biggest success story is my own Executive Assistant, Sarah, who I found through HireMyMom.com. She’s been with me for almost 3 years now, and because of how I’ve hired Sarah, how I’ve delegated to her, and because of her commitment, passion, and hard work, I’ve been able to increase my own personal consulting rates all the way up to $500 per hour.

I’ve directly hired for myself and clients – probably around 30-40 candidates from HireMyMom.com.  I developed something called The Perfect Job Posting, which we use every time we go to hire a mom from HireMyMom.com.  It might seem kind of funny because when applicants see the job posting, it asks them to send a specific email to a specific email address with a certain subject line to apply. In the body, one of the paragraphs has to be in red font, 12 point, and “Courier” font, while another has to be blue font, 10 point, “Arial” font.  All these really specific specifications are in place to make sure that we’re attracting applicants that have really good attention to detail.

Because that’s been so successful for me and I’ve talked about the process at live events  and featured podcasts, HireMyMom.com has hundreds of entrpreneurs using the site – and they’re also using this Perfect Job Posting. I once received a screenshot from your team showing the daily email going out to all the moms, and no kidding, of the 12 job postings that I could see, 10 of them were all internet business owners using my Perfect Job Posting.   Literally, most of the subject lines were all along the lines of: “Slightly OCD Tech-Savvy Mom Saught for Internet Marketing Company.”  This felt like a success story for me, as I’ve been able to share and they’ve turned around and used the method. I don’t know exaclty how many people I’ve influenced in this way, but at least 50-100 entrepreneurs have found assistance through HireMyMom.com because of the help that I’ve offered to the world.

What kind of employees were you seeking to hire?

I was seeking an Executive Assistant with great attention to detail, looking to work between 5 and 15 hours per week on a flexible schedule from home.  Something specific that I was looking for and loved was that HireMyMom.com is all Canadian and US moms, which means similar time zones, similar culture, and most likely native english speakers.  Because they’re moms and their #1 passion is to be able to be with their kids, I knew that by helping them build their dream of being home with their kids, that they’d be really committed and passionate about helping me build my dream, which is my business.

What’s your favorite thing about HireMyMom?

First of all, the concentration of my ideal candidates being Canadian and American based, home based workers.  I would say I’ve been delighted, because the name HireMyMom.com it sounds almost folksy and very casual, and I wasn’t expecting the caliber of applicants from there. I’ve had multiple MBAs apply and my own assistant is a former legal assistant.  I was just amazed at the caliber of the talent, especially given the fact that the name of the website is so casual.

How do you feel that HireMyMom is different from other hiring sites?

I am all for multiculturalism in the broader sense, but just based on my experience when talking about work cultures, I found that there are some significant hurdles working with dramatically different work cultures. It was significantly easier to work with someone who is used to the professional American work culture already.  Things got done implicitly without me having to say them, with one being timeliness and a commitment to deadlines, which is a really big deal in corporate america. All the moms I’ve hired have had an implicit understanding of that without me having to explain it.

I’vee been really amazed with the affordability of the assistance that I’ve found on HireMyMom.com as well.  I’ve also been amazed with the “one step at a time” approach. Most of the moms have been okay starting out at only 5-10 hours per week for $15  per hour USD, and that makes it far, far, far easier for smaller businesses to take advantage of the amazing world of virtual executive assistants, instead of having to take on a $40,000 salary right off the bat.  A small business can start paying $300 per month, and by being able to get in the game of the world of having an assistant, the entrepreneur can now start the virtuous cycle of getting a few hours off their plate and onto higher level tasks.  It’s kind of like Google Docs, where you can “find and replace,” so to can an entrepreneur do the same with tasks on their to do list. I watched how I was able to climb from somewhere around $40 per hour all the way up to $500 per hour as a consultant, just because I was able to find and replace those tasks and start small.

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