Employer Success Story: Danielle Levy

What is your top advice for small business owners looking to hire remote talent? 

Take the time to write down and understand what you need and then focus on who. This means the actual tasks, skills, important cultural and logistical fit, and understand the manager’s style.

What are your top tips for candidates looking to land a job or client(s) on HireMyMom?

Be authentic in your presentation of skills, current situation, and what you are passionate about. That energy will come through in your profile and your interviews.

What is your top tip for working with a virtual team? 

Spend time forming relationships with team members.

Why did you decide to use HireMyMom for your hiring needs?

Being a mom myself, I knew that I knew how to get the work and had the skills for many positions that I was turned down for.  I struggled when my kids were young to find the employer that would trust my commitment level if they gave me the opportunity with some flexibility.

What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your business career? 

Have confidence in my own skills and journey.  Everything will happen right on time if I keep moving forward. It’s ok to put my computer down and not to be a martyr. Fresh air, exercise, and good food choices are worth the time because they fuel my body and therefore my business.

What do you see as your greatest success in life? 

(My children….obviously!!) Aside from that is finding my way from “traditional corporate” to entrepreneur while managing my household and graduate school being a sole breadwinner.  I will never take a moment of free time, flexibility with my schedule, or penny in my bank account for granted.

What is something about you that many people don’t know?

I walked out of graduate school midway through a lecture on opportunity cost. Literally walked out mid class and it took me 10 years to return. The cost of time of staying in school was too high as the opportunities in my career were what I was craving. I’m glad that I went back but I have never regretted that walk out.




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