3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use a Paid Job Site

For small businesses, finding the right candidates to fill a position can be challenging. To begin the hiring process, your company first must decide what job sites to use to list your open position. Many companies gravitate towards free sites because they are simply that — free. We understand that small businesses especially are on a tight budget, but you usually get what you pay for with a free site; that includes a barrage of unqualified candidates, scams, and investing your company’s time and money to wade through all the white noise just to find the best candidate. To save your business time, money, and effort, it is better to stick with a paid job site. Let’s dive deeper into why paid job sites, like HireMyMom, may be the best fit for your company:

1) You Get What You Pay For

Let’s take a look at this with a pros and cons list. 

For the free sites:

  • pros: there is no financial cost
  • cons: too many applications, unqualified candidates that are not legitimate job seekers, your listing is lost in the millions of other posts

Paid sites:

  • pros: a more select pool of highly qualified candidates, a real human being to talk to if you run into issues or need guidance, less time spent wading through scam applications (and more time spent on legitimate job seekers)
  • cons: there is a cost

We understand that it can be a difficult decision to invest in a paid job site such as HireMyMom. The upfront price may appear to be a deterrent, but through countless customer stories and our own findings, it is more budget friendly in the long run to use a paid site: 

“The quality of the people who I have found have been consistently exceptional, and at very affordable prices.” — Paulette Ensign

“We have been strapped for time so we decided to try their Concierge Service, which was a huge help…this service has saved us a lot of time!” — Laurie Peterson

Consider this: how much money and time will your company use to pay someone (or multiple someones!) to post a job listing, wade through applicants, conduct interviews, and onboard a new hire? This can add up quickly and end up costing your business quite a bit of money. Instead of that, a paid job site cuts through all the noise which means you spend less time searching for the perfect hire and more time working towards your company’s goals with a new team member! Additionally, we often offer discounts for businesses, so make sure you are part of our email list to be the first to receive updates on those! When visiting our website there should be a popup where you can register for the list, OR just scroll down to the very bottom of our site for the sign up form!

2) The Convenience of a One-Stop Shop

If you’re a small business owner, time is of the essence. That’s why HireMyMom has a great solution for busy business owners who need help finding the right candidate: HireMyMom Business Concierge Services. With this service, an HR expert will create a job post, read through applications, conduct interviews, and even onboard new hires – all to save you precious time. What’s more, the HireMyMom business concierge service makes it easy for business owners to find the right candidate for their needs quickly. Their experienced HR team will be able to assess each applicant’s skills and qualifications, ensuring that the most qualified candidate is chosen. Furthermore, because the team is comprised of seasoned HR experts, they know exactly how to craft effective job postings and conduct successful interviews – giving you peace of mind knowing that your hiring process is in good hands. 

Finally, with HireMyMom’s one-stop shop approach to recruitment, small businesses are able to streamline their hiring process and get the help they need quickly with legitimate job seekers. Plus, they don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple recruitment platforms or taking the time to manage the entire process themselves – saving them both time and energy. 

3) Access to a More Qualified Pool of Candidates

When looking for the perfect candidate for a job, it pays to have access to the best and most qualified pool of applicants. By using a paid job site like HireMyMom, small businesses are able to tap into a network of qualified applicants who are also willing to invest in their own success. 

Not only do these job seekers care about the quality of the work they do, they are also invested in the position they are applying for. Paid job sites offer greater security and job stability than free job boards, so the legitimate job seekers you find are more likely to be professional and committed to the role they are applying for. 

Additionally, with a paid job site, businesses can create detailed job postings which will give them better insight into an applicant’s qualifications and abilities. This will enable businesses to find candidates with the right skills and experiences for the position, reducing their time spent vetting applications. 

Are you on the fence about signing up for HireMyMom? Contact us to ask any questions you might have and a real person will reach out with answers!


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