What’s Next? An Insight into 2024 Job Trends

A new year means new trends, and working with hundreds of companies across the United States, we have noticed a few patterns that seem to be emerging for 2024. From the more obvious ones such as an increase in remote work to those that you might not be aware of such as pre-made materials for the screening process, let’s break down what we see coming in the new year:

The Continuing Surge of Remote Work and Uptick in Scams

The phenomenon of remote work has been a game-changer in the employment arena, a trend predicted to continue. An increasing number of organizations are tapping into the merits of remote employment, including amplified productivity and reduced overheads. However, I am seeing companies move more towards a hybrid schedule versus completely remote; some companies do not like giving up that control and wish to keep an eye on employees in the office. We expect to see more jobs that are hybrid with a certain amount of time spent in the office and a certain amount of time allotted to spend at home. Don’t worry, though, many companies are increasing the jobs they offer for completely remote workers.

But as with any significant shift, there’s another side to consider. This rise in remote work opportunities has opened the door to a concerning escalation in job-related scams. These scams typically come cloaked as ‘dream job’ remote offers that seem too appealing to refuse. These so-called opportunities can leave unsuspecting job seekers vulnerable to identity theft, financial loss, and even legal trouble. 

These scams are becoming so sophisticated; in the past, you could look at a vague job post with lots of misspellings and immediately recognize it as fake. However, scammers are now creating entire websites to try to convince job seekers to hand over their information. I recommend doing thorough research on a company before applying; does their website have typos? Does it have filler text? Are the photos of staff members real people or stock photos? Is the website extensive and user friendly? Does the company have social media they keep up to date? At the end of the day, trust your gut. If something seems too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Increasing Emphasis on Pre-Made Application Materials for Screening

As we head into the new year, expect to see a stronger emphasis on the use of pre-made application materials in the job search process. With technology becoming more integrated into every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that it’s seeping into the recruitment realm as well. To start with the basics, many companies are now turning to AI to sift through the hundreds of applications they receive. This artificial intelligence is looking for keywords in your résumé and cover letter that match keywords in the job description to determine who is qualified and who is not to move onto the next round of the hiring process; be sure to use some of the wording from the job post in your application materials.

Once you make it past the first round, I am now seeing lots of companies ask for videos to be recorded and sent in for review. Instead of jumping straight from your cover letter to a phone interview, this video allows employers to see you and hear your responses to written questions they send over. It looks like it will be harder in the future to connect with a real person over a job application, simply due to the multitude of people applying for each position. Treat this video like an in-person interview: find a quiet place, use a neutral background, and practice answering the questions a few times before recording.

The Growing Importance of Transparency with Salaries and Social Media

2024 will see the workplace moving towards more transparency and fairness, particularly with salaries. There are many companies where you can look up salaries ahead of time, and workers are being encouraged to talk amongst themselves and discuss their pay rates. Be sure to base pay on experience in order to offer fair rates. Remember, employees are openly sharing what they make so your decision to offer one salary over another should be easy to defend and not be prejudiced in any way.

On the flipside of this, companies are looking for more transparency from employees in their social media. We have seen several people post on their personal social media pages, only to be let go by companies soon thereafter because of how that post might reflect back on the company. When applying for a job, think of your social media just like your cover letter. If your pages are private, then that should be acceptable. If your pages are public, be sure to review what you have posted ahead of time. Sometimes it even helps to have a private personal page for family and friends then a public page you use to show off your talents and skills which can help you land a job.

These are just a few of the emerging trends we are seeing within our own work of helping companies find and hire remote help. 2024 is sure to bring even more to the table, but these are a few key things to keep in mind when posting and applying for jobs.


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