5 Tips For Your Best Resume

Resumes are the gateway to your new job! When applying for a home-based (or any) job, your resume is your first impression. You can make simple modifications to truly make your resume stand out while making yourself more appealing to the employer.

Follow the actionable tips below for writing a resume that shines above the rest:

  1. Highlight the Right Things: Resumes are typically a list of your job tasks, but that’s not all it should feature. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments and results from your job, not just what you did while employed. Always include numbers, statistics, and percentages when applicable, since that will function as proof of your ability to accomplish goals and projects. This is a bonus tweak that will take your resume from good to exceptional!
  2. Get Specific: Tailor every cover letter, resume and email to each one of your job applications. Yes, this takes more time, but it’s highly worth it! When you focus on each specific need and quality of the job posting and integrate it into your resume, you stand out. When you meet a specific criteria, use those exact words in your materials. It will show the employer that you pay attention and that the perfect employee is really out there!
  3. Be Honest: Of course you should never lie about past experience, but also be sure that you aren’t stretching the truth of your experience and accomplishments. You always want to make yourself sound great, but over-promising and stating that you can do things that you cannot will only land you in trouble later. It’s better to lack the skill in the beginning and be honest, since you can always learn new skills and improve yourself further.
  4. Stand Out: Are you creative? This is your time to show off! With new technology and programs, resumes aren’t all looking the same way anymore. From different shaped resumes to those that resemble Facebook profiles, there’s something for everyone. Especially when applying to creative-based positions, think outside the box and come up with something beyond the standard layout. This may not be needed for all industries, but if nothing else, you will certainly be remembered.
  5. Keep It Short and Sweet: Generally no more than two pages is just fine! You may have years and years of experience, but you must be concise. It’s tempting to think that a long resume equals better, but it’s often the opposite. Make your critical information easily visible and accessible, and remember to remove outdated and irrelevant job positions.

Resumes can be tough to perfect, but they’re so important! Making a solid first impression is crucial, and it will speak for you before you even have a chance to interview. Spend time on writing a resume now and your future job position will be that much easier to achieve.

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