Top Resume Tips from Employers

Your resume is likely the most important document in your job search! We’ve compiled tips from employers to help you create your best resume.  Read along for tips and advice to make your resume stand out and land the job.

Hook with a Benefit to the Person Hiring!

Business owners are so busy and often get 30 – 100 resumes. The resumes that get read are the ones with something that HOOKS the CEO fast!  Something like:  Let me Take More Off Your Plate!

Don’t be afraid to BOLD

Resumes are boring to read and most business owners have some level of ADD.  They are visionary’s so ADD serves them but doesn’t get your resume read through.  BOLD important items that highlight your strengths and experience!

PS Your Attitude

There are many applicants in today’s market.  It’s not hard to find people to plug hole in a company but it is hard to find GOOD people.  Business owners are looking for a GO GETTER.. The P.S. is the most read part of ANY email or letter.  PS Your Go Getter Attitude so that you stand out

– Shanda Sumpter at

Be Careful

Proofread your resume carefully.  As an employer, I don’t know how many times I’ve received resumes with spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc.

Put yourself out there

Don’t shortchange yourself in talking about your skills, however be succinct and to the point.

Be honest

Be clear on your level of expertise with technology.  For example, if you have used Google Drive once or twice, then say that you’ve had minimal experience.

– Nancy Hoopes, Onboarding Consultant at


Thank you to our wonderful employees for their expert advice!


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