5 Tips for Work Life Balance

  We often hear of work life balance, but how do we achieve it?  Bridging the gap between work, family, relaxation and social time is a challenge in our busy world, but it’s crucial to quality of life. According to Small Business Trends, “66 percent of full-time employees say they don’t strongly believe they have

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4 Tips to Make Summer Fun


Summer is almost here! School will be out soon, and we move on to one of the most fun times of the year. Although it’s summer, work doesn’t usually stop.  It may be lighter in the summer months, depending on your industry, but work still must be considered. Enjoy this time of year while still

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4 Resources for Remote Teams

Successfully managing remote teams is becoming more necessary as telecommute jobs are more widely available.  There are countless tools and options to make this possible, and we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite options. Whether you’re looking to track time, communicate with your team, or send professional invoices and billing notes, we have something for

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