4 Tips for Computer Organization

As a work from home employee, most (if not all) of your work is done on your computer.  This is great, since you can take your work with you, but it can also get cluttered – and fast! When downloading files, graphics and anything else you need for work, your computer can start to look stressful.

Keeping your computer organized not only helps your productivity, but it keeps your machine running efficiently.

Use folders

A clean computer isn’t just for looks! When you need to locate certain files, staying organized is number one. Folders are a great way to do this, and it can be a helpful system to stay on track.

Create large folders that are more general in nature, followed by sub folders that can narrow down your search.  This allows you to find everything so easily, upping productivity and eliminating frustration.

Delete quickly

Once you no longer need a file, delete it! We often keep files for days on our desktops.  This leads to clutter, stress, and simple disorganization.

Take 5-10 minutes at the end of your day to delete everything that’s no longer needed.  Once your folders and files are set up correctly, you can easily slide each file into the appropriate folder.  This allows you to start the next work day with a clean workspace!

Clean frequently

Make a schedule for computer organization.  Beyond the 5-10 minute daily cleanup, set aside some time each week to look into your folders and clear out any old files.  These take up valuable space on your computer, bogging it down and making it harder to run.

Additionally, you may want to change up your folder or file names, or simply label them in a different way that will work better for you.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re setting aside some time to make these changes on a consistent basis, instead of becoming overwhelmed when it’s ignored for months.

Lastly, make it a habit of cleaning your computer.  There are several programs out there for Macs or PCs that will sweep away old files, or help you to find large file that you no longer need.  This will keep your computer running smoothly and free from clutter!

Label everything

Although we created all of those great folders in tip number one, it won’t be as helpful if your file names are still disorganized.

When you search your computer for a specific file, you need to be able to find it! Make sure you’re taking the time to label your files everyday, and label them in a way that you will remember.  It can help to include the client name, task name, the date, and/or the purpose of the file.

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