Success Story: Lisa Trinidad

Tell us about you and your experience finding work on HireMyMom.

I heard about Hire My Mom through a FB group. I started working as a Virtual Assistant and was having a difficult time finding clients. I went ahead and signed up for HMM and I would review their postings every day. I was so surprised with the amount of legitimate postings on their site each day.  Within a month of actively searching, I was hired for two amazing companies. I made sure to apply for jobs, that I felt like our values aligned; I wanted to make sure I could be with them long term. I was very strategic on which places to apply. If I weren’t, I’m pretty sure I’d land a job even sooner.

I love HMM because, the entrepreneurs and candidates looking to hire, understand that we are Moms, so they are really flexible. They also value us, because we are just as hardworking.


What are your top tips for landing a job or jobs on

My tips for landing a job(s) at HMM is to put a task on your google calendar for a certain time in the day and use that time to search and apply for jobs.

Make sure you have your a cover letter and resume ready to go.

Make sure you read the job description carefully as it gives clues about the type of company you will be working for and how you see yourself fit in doing that work.

Make sure you also use the message box to add a little flair to who you are and why you’d love to work with this business.

If you sent an email to apply, please follow up within 3 – 5 days.

Keep checking week after week, because there are so many jobs posted daily, and I’m sure you will find the perfect fit in due time. If you make it your task to log in everyday for a month, I’m sure you will find a good fit. Don’t give up!


What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your work from home journey? 

I wish, someone would’ve told me about HireMyMom sooner!


What do you see as your greatest success in life? 

My greatest success in life, is being a Mom. Also being able to have it all, flexibility, time to raise my girls and be able to provide for my family. Not giving up in this journey to live the life I always wanted.


What is something about you that many people don’t know? 

Many people don’t know that I used to work for Telemundo/NBC! I also had a career of over ten years working in Higher Education, before I left to become a freelancer. 


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