Letting Our Customers Do All The Talking

If you are interested in working with HireMyMom, you may be wondering what other people think about us! For employers and job seekers alike, testimonials from current clients are often a big part of the decision to work with a company or not. While we would love to sit here and tell you how awesome we think our services are, we’ll just let our customers do all the talking for us:

Hear from some of our employers:

Mark David McCreary, Internet Tools, Inc.

“I needed a super Virtual Assistant, somebody that was much more technical than average, and could work without much supervision. And my task would only take 1 to 2 hours a day. I posted a job on HireMyMom, and within a week I had 7 applications for a challenging task.

Five of the applications were superb and I scheduled interviews. I followed the “Who: The A Method for Hiring” book and asked a handful of questions. Giving them a chance to tell me what makes them great and what they like to do. From there I narrowed it down to 2 applicants, and both were very qualified. I flipped a coin and offered the job to the first person, and she accepted. I emailed the others thanking them for responding to my “cry for help”.

My new hire is working out great, and I like the idea of remote workers. It does take a special person to be a remote worker, and I think those people are attracted to HireMyMom. There is a lot of talent on HireMyMom, and if you need some assistance with challenging tasks, I suggest that you give it a try.”

Monique Baldwin

“Without exaggeration, I have had the opportunity to hire and work with literally hundreds of freelancers and assistants over the past 18+ years. I have also used more than a dozen services and platforms for hiring team members.

I’m thrilled that I found my favorite administrative Rockstar through HireMyMom. The caliber of the applicant pool on HireMyMom was far more skilled, experienced, and professional than any other resource that I have used before. Plus, the process of putting out an ad and getting responses was super easy.

I have and will continue recommending HireMyMom to folks looking for remote assistance for their teams or businesses.”

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Hear from some of our jobseekers:

Miranda Cameron

“I found my work from home job on Hire My Mom 3 years ago, and it has been the biggest blessing for my family. I was able to find the PERFECT, flexible job for a stay at home mom, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work on my own schedule while still being the primary caregiver for my kids. After applying to what felt like hundreds of remote jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn and not hearing a single thing back, it took me only 3 weeks on Hire My Mom to get my official job offer. I am constantly recommending the site to every mom I know!”

Asyia Andrews

“I knew when I first held my newborn back in 2019 there was no way I could leave him to go back to a workplace. I started searching the internet looking for legitimate work from home websites and came across everything from flexjobs and ziprecruiter, to Indeed and LinkedIn. I applied to EVERYTHING but what caught my eye about HireMyMom was their attention towards working Moms. They not only advertise legitimate work from home opportunities, they offer both part-time/full-time as well as independent/w-2 work. I am forever grateful for being able to stay with my son and be the mama he deserves just by being present during the first most crucial years of his life. I was able to secure 2 work contracts independently and easily transition to my now W-2 position!”

If you want to hear more from our job seekers, check out their testimonials here

If you have a testimonial you want to share, you can send it to us via email or share it on any platform of your choosing from Google to SiteJabber to BBB. We can’t wait to hear from you!



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