HireMyMom Success Story: Autumn Burns

What’s your success story with HireMyMom?

I think I saw an ad somewhere online back in 2014 when I was working a dead-end job that was boring me to tears.  I clicked on your site a few times over the course of several days and after reading reviews and the sample job postings, I decided a 3-month membership would be a good place for me to start.  At the time I was trying to re enter the workforce after raising 3 children.  I had been a stay-at-home mom for 17 years.

Anyway, I took my time and carefully read through all the job postings and tagged 5-6 that looked interesting.  After reviewing those few postings I finally gained the courage to apply to one.  It turned out that I was the only applicant to Black Spectacles and little did I know this little job would turn into a career position that has been the very best job I’ve ever had (except being a mom).

The funny thing is I worked for Marc Teer (founder, Black Spectacles) for 10 months before we ever met face-to-face.  He interviewed me and hired me after phone conversations and some online exchanges.  My husband even loves telling this story!

I am now a full-time employee with Marc, his Operations Manager, and our business is growing like crazy!  We are now 5 people strong and I’m his only HMM hire.

What’s your educational and experiential background?

Received my Bachelor of Science in Education from Arkansas State University (1990), taught high school one year, and after deciding not to continue teaching I found a job as a project manager for an entrepreneur allowing me to travel and learn some business skills.  I got married a few years later and quit work to raise 3 children.  As my oldest began his senior year of high school I wanted to go back to work but still needed the flexibility to be “mom” as necessary.  HMM came along at the most perfect time.  I was working part-time in a cubicle of a local company and although I was happy to be back in the workforce (“contributing” as my husband so fondly says) but hated the mundane work and lack of flexibility.  I found a part-time, flexible job I could do from home and it was exciting!  I was doing everything remotely and learning a lot, it was the perfect part-time job.  And then, things began to happen for Black Spectacles, we started growing and that was exciting.  My little part-time job has now turned into a full-time career position!  It is so fulfilling to be part of something that is new, cutting edge and constantly interesting.  Everyday is different and that makes it wonderful for me.

What is your top tip for landing a gig on HireMyMom?

Read the job postings carefully.  Very often there are specific tasks a person/company is looking to have accomplished.  Make sure you clearly understand what is being asked and honestly evaluate your skills to accomplish those tasks.  I spend 2 weeks reading the postings before selecting 5 that seemed like a good fit.  After reviewing those 5, I only applied to 1, and that’s my job now.  I realize this may not work for everyone, but it worked for me because I knew very clearly what I was capable of and what I was looking for.

What’s your favorite thing about HireMyMom?

I really liked being able to read and reread the posting and highlight the ones I felt might be a fit.  It was a very strategic way for me to narrow my choices.  The site is very user-friendly in my opinion and I’ve recommended it to many friends (a few who have found temporary work as needed).

What’s one fun fact about you?

I have my motorcycle license and I act in local community theater productions (sorry, that’s 2).  🙂




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