4 Secrets of the Most Successful Home-Based Workers

Whether you work from home or know someone who does, we all know home based workers who makes it look seamless! Success in a work from home position can be easier said than done, but with a few organizational and logistical shifts, you can create calm and productivity in your home-based career.

  • Focus: Focus is always #1 for a reason! Have a “to do” list, utilize a program such as Trello or Basecamp for task organization and checklists, and put everything into a daily calendar or schedule. Set your alarm for each task, and give each task a set period of time. To improve focus, take frequent stretching, exercise or snack breaks to keep yourself mentally sharp. When successful home-based workers are able to accomplish so much in a day, it’s because they give a lot of thought to their focus and how to eliminate the unnecessary.
  • Minimize Distractions: It can be tough to do in a home environment, but it’s entirely possible! When you work from home, not only do you have the computer and other work distractions, you have the distractions of home, family, pets, and so on. Set yourself up for success by creating a separate workspace or eliminating noise and distractions in your main living spaces. If you’re able to, get out of the house a few times per week to get away from home distractions. If you find that distractions are coming between you and your work, adjust your schedule around them to avoid losing time. You can truly accomplish so much in a home-based position, as you don’t have the typical office job distractions; you just have to prepare for it!
  • Prioritize: Successful home-based workers know how to prioritize everything in their lives. When you look at your list, it can be overwhelming to look at your day on paper, but it’s also incredibly helpful. Number your tasks by order of importance in order to complete the most crucial tasks first. Prioritizing your day can really make a difference in your productivity level, and successful work-from-home moms are incredibly productive!
  • Keep it Real: Treat working from home like a real, normal job with set hours and a professional set up. The most successful home-based workers don’t see their jobs as less important or less effective than a typical office job, so you shouldn’t either. While you have the advantage of working from the comfort of your home, treat your work assignments and daily work life as you would in a corporate office.

These four secrets of successful home based workers will make you become the envy of all your friends and family. Start applying these tips today.

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