Gadgets for Working Moms On-the-Go

Times have changed for working moms. With the amount of technology available to helps moms juggle work, kids and the home, it all seems a little more doable. Whether you work from home, the office or both, check out these gadgets for moms on the go:


If you’re looking for a change or needing an upgrade on your current phone, the ZTE ZMAX works well for moms who toggle between work at home and the office. With a 5.7-inch HD display and 2 GB RAM for memory, you have both an easy-to-see monitor, which is great for video conferencing, and plenty of storage for filing digital work. It also comes equipped with a long lasting 3400 mAh high capacity battery so you can rely on this phone to last through long webinars or your kids’ recitals. Plus, through carriers like T-Mobile, the ZTE ZMAX is affordable for as little as $10.50 per month.


One of the most cutting edge tech gadgets is the smartwatch. Because working moms usually need a third hand to get everything done, a smartwatch is the optimal tool because it’s hands free. For instance, Sony’s SmartWatch 3 SWR50 or Kronos’ ZeWatch2 offer communicative technology on the wrist. They can text, funnel calls and send social media messages from a phone connected through Bluetooth. Plus, any calendar and email notifications for upcoming meetings or checkups for baby will appear right on the watch face.

Bag Tracker

Between your work briefcase, baby bag, purse, luggage and other bags, it’s easy to lose track of things. Gadgets like Trakdot Luggage Tracker aim to prevent this problem. The Trakdot is a device you place in your bag, and when it reaches its destination the device wakes up and sends you a text or an email confirming where it’s located. Especially when traveling for work or with the kids, this device helps you stay organized and makes sure you don’t lose anything. Plus, it only uses two AA batteries and only costs $19.99 a year.

Attachable Photo Lens

Attachable camera lenses like the the Photojojo Lens Set are a trendy way to take photos. Whether you’re a travel writer, public relations officer, a buyer or a small business owner, a high-quality lens can come in handy. This set of lenses comes with a super fisheye, telephoto, wide angle/macro and polarizer so you have something for almost every situation. Pack these lenses in your purse to take from your product meeting to your child’s baseball game with ease. All you have to do is place the removable metal ring on the back of your phone, and then attach the lens magnetically. This makes for an easy transfer between lenses or an easy clean up. Plus, they come with a felted wool storage pouch, which keeps them safe next to your notebooks, wallet and keys.

Being a working professional and a mom can be hard when you constantly have to shift between your home and the office. Luckily, these gadgets for mom make it a little easier to get everything done.

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