Employer Success Story: Petra Wintner

What is your top advice for small business owners looking to hire remote talent?

This tip for me is true whether you hire remote or on-site talent, but for remote talent it is actually easier to implement: Before you actually hire, do a clearly communicated trial period. This period should be paid, but the expectation on both ends should be clear, that only after the period a decision for hiring is made. Depending on what you are hiring for this can be anything between a week and 2-3 months. There should be clearly defined goals/deliverables to be achieved during this period and the working mode should already resemble the future work mode.

What is your top tip for working with a virtual team?

Create communication channels that resemble an “office environment”, e.g. a Slack workspace, which can be used for questions as you would ask them walking over to a colleagues desk and set clear rules and expectations around the use of these communication channels: e.g. I might not look at my emails for the better part of a workday, because I batch my email-time, but I check messages on Slack immediately and try to answer asap.

Why did you decide to use HireMyMom.com for your hiring needs?

Because we are a service for parents/mothers and I was looking for someone with marketing experience, who understands the target group well. The “part-time working mom” is in my opinion an ideal employee profile combining high caliber with interest in working part-time and is therefore ideal at the stage of my business, where I cannot afford to hire a full-time resource, but need someone with experience, who can work independently.

What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your business career?

I was lucky to start my career at a small company, where my contributions were more visible (to both superiors as well as clients) right from the start. While for me, it was coincidence, I would actually recommend, purposefully considering small businesses for a career.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

That – at least so far – I managed to lead a life, where I was always content with my career and private life balance.


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