4 Top Qualities of the Best Managers

Being a good manager is more than simply showing up and giving orders.  In today’s world, it’s important to develop an array of qualities that bring out the best in your employees.

According to a study by Dale Carnegie Training, “29% of the workforce is engaged, 45% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged.”  These are alarming numbers, and much of employee engagement deals directly to the employee’s immediate supervisor and manager.

Read along for some of the top attributes in being a successful manager with engaged employees.


Empathy is fast becoming the number one trait of managers! When we express empathy, we’re relating to the feelings of others.  As a manager, being empathetic will allow you to interact on a more personal, effective level.

When your employees sense that you care about them, their current situation, their workload, and so on, they’re much more likely to come to you before things get bad.  This allows you to increase employee retention and put out those fires before they get too big.


It’s a tough thing to be present in today’s technological world! As a manager, your presence is not only appreciated – it’s necessary.  When you’re present and communicative with your employees, they feel that the matter, and they’re more likely to stay in contact on a consistent basis.  When you have work from home employees, this is especially a bonus!

According to OfficeVibe.com, 69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with employees.  When we’re uncomfortable, we tend to stop communicating and leave things in a confusing state.  Once you’re disengaged and uncommunicative, employees begin to question motives and lose morale.


As a manager, your actions are always on display.  You become the example for your employees, so “Do as I say, not as I do” will not work! This does not inspire confidence in your employees.  Your actions and words must match, which is the hallmark of a trustworthy person.

When your employees trust you, it gives them the confidence that you’re capable of leading them.  Like it or not, employees want some reassurance in their work and the direction of the business.

Another way to establish trust is by being direct.  It’s important to be empathetic, as we’ve stated before, but to keep employees trusting that you’re looking out for their best interest, keep things simple.  From your requests to your meetings, keep to the point as much as possible.


It’s hard to expect your employees to work hard and feel fulfilled in their job if you don’t.  We all ebb and flow in our job satisfaction, but as a manager, you need to work to ensure that you stay positive – or make a change.

Stay driven in your business purpose and work to drive everyone else and keep morale high. If you’re miserable, how will your employees act?  Your drive will show in your daily work and communications, so do all that you can to remember why you started this business, and why you enjoy doing what you do.

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