Home Based Jobs

Home Based Jobs and Job Descriptions

Today, it is easier than ever to find legitimate, home-based jobs. Perusing the Internet, you will find work from home jobs in most every occupation from social media, virtual assisting to graphic design, accounting, and management.

Terms that are commonly associated with home based jobs are flex, freelance, outsource, work from home, online, internet, telecommuting, and remote. More and more businesses are offering these types of work to provide flexibility for their workforce as they become more mobile. These types of positions give professional moms the freedom to work around family activities and events.

We Only Accept Legitimate Businesses

HireMyMom.com takes the headache out of finding a legitimate home-based job. Our staff screens each employer before they are approved to place a job posting on HireMyMom.com. We do our very best to weed out any scams or opportunities that do not appear legitimate. We also do not allow multi-level marketing type business opportunities as our job seekers are seeking remote employment and freelance work.

Legitimate Home Based Jobs

We want you to be sure to do your own due diligence before accepting a position. Learn all you can about a prospective employer before your job interview so you are assured of a good match between yourself, your skill set and your prospective employer.

Click here to learn more about the opportunities we offer for at home professionals. Review our requirements, and then sign up and start applying for your dream home-based job.

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Work From Home Job Descriptions

We’ve put together some of the most common types of home-based job descriptions you will find in any given week. We’ve added a general job description so you can understand the scope of these position’s job duties and the job’s general qualifications. We’ve included expected working condition expectations while working at home and equipment you will be required to have.

These home-based job descriptions include:


Many other type of home-based jobs are posted as well. The above are only meant to give you an idea of some of the more common job postings.

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