Conquer Career Goals with an Online Education Program

The job market can be tough. Recent college graduates are struggling to find work just as much as older, more experienced individuals. That philosophy degree may have seemed like a great idea when you were in college, but now, after starting a family and taking time off, it may feel like an unwise decision. If you have taken a break from the workplace in recent years, it can be difficult to stay relevant in the current hiring market.

We have some great work from home career ideas that you can adopt today. Mentoring, volunteering, and internships are great first steps towards a new career. Here are a few tips to get started!

Start by Volunteering

If you are curious about the opportunities out there, look into volunteer programs in your area. Sign up for websites like to find local opportunities that meet your interests. Volunteer Match notifies users about opportunities with organizations that are associated with advocacy and human rights, art and culture, animals, and board development. Through volunteer work you may discover a career path to pursue outside of your degree. You can also look at community bulletin boards in your area to see what other volunteer opportunities are in your area.

Become a Mentor

If you’ve ever considered mentoring others, is a great resource that helps you locate mentoring programs in your area or start one of your own. It’s as easy as entering in your zip code to get started. Once you enter your zip code, a list of organizations will be provided, along with the program type and the age group being assisted. Opportunities vary from helping homeless youth, to free arts programs, to providing families from reservations health services and a safe place to stay.

Participate in an Internship

Another way to explore career options outside of your degree is through internship programs. Most job sites post internships along with job listings which makes them easy to find. Internships will give you immersion into the workplace, offer new skills, and help you network within any industry. Through an internship programs you may find what interests you most and decide what to pursue further.

Go Back to School

If volunteering and internship programs help you find the career path of your dreams, consider going back to school. With the ease and availability of technology today, quality education programs are at your fingertips. There are many online certification programs out there that can help you get an edge on the competition. In 2011, 65 percent of students had taken online courses and 89 percent of four-year universities were already offering online courses to their students. These numbers have continued to grow as more individuals are recognizing the benefits and convenience of online courses.

Worried you don’t have the time? It can be hard to juggle the responsibilities of running the household, taking care of the kids, and all that comes with it. You may not have the time to go sit in a classroom three days a week, but with online programs, you can make your own schedule and do your assignments at home. It is that easy!

If you have ever considered going into medicine, now is the time. Health care students no longer have to go back to medical school to learn the skills required for jobs in various health care-related professions. Eight years in medical school and hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans is no longer required to get going in the medical and health care fields. Unlike many industries today, the health care field is always growing and looking for driven, smart workers. College Online’s health and medical degrees include medicine and nursing programs with certification courses in health care administration, therapy, counseling, nursing, pharmacy and more.

Be proactive. Use these creative work from home career ideas to take the necessary steps to get the education you deserve and the career you want.

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