What is the Best Human Resources Solution for Your Small Business

Having a thriving business can be extremely rewarding especially when a company’s growth results in expanding to onboard extra help.

If a company owner has a managerial background, they will have some knowledge and/or experience when it comes to onboarding, training, and evaluating employees and their work. 

For the entrepreneur who is used to working for themselves and themselves alone, it’s a different story. 

This is where having human resource personnel can be beneficial. The biggest question when it comes to a company’s HR is whether to outsource or insource.


Outsourcing vs Insourcing HR

An internal human resource department would be a good decision if a company is mid to large size in scale. Typically this applies to companies with more than a handful of employees.

For small businesses, however, it wouldn’t make sense to hire a full HR department within the organization if they are only dealing with just a few key staff. In this case, it’s much easier and faster to outsource instead. 


Why is HR important for small businesses

Having some form of HR in place is necessary for the function of any business that employs others. 

But human resource tasks are redundant, time-consuming, and don’t contribute to the bottom line of a company’s profits. 

Left up to the owner or core staff members to take care of could lead to a negative impact on a business’s productivity and cost the company a lot of money in the long run.

The realized benefit of having an outsourced human resource system in place is immediate. 

The newfound time allows small business owners to focus on the tasks that bring them the most ROI and significantly improve the function of the company’s operations overall.


The Top 3 Benefits of HR Outsourcing

  1. Time-Saving 
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Less Staff Turnover


A good HR company will set up a consultation with their client to learn about their needs and help determine the role they are looking to fill for their expansion. They will usually handle all aspects of the job posting itself and screen applicants as the resumes come in.

When it comes to interviewing candidates, the HR company can help write the interview questions, schedule, and conduct them. 

They will select only the most qualified to move forward for the final interview with the company owner. They will even send out courtesy emails to applicants who were not selected for the job.

An outside human resource organization can save small businesses time, money, and result in less staff turnover due to the thorough pre-screening and onboarding process that takes place.

If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your organization and think that outsourcing your human resources would be a good fit for you, Hire My Mom does offer an excellent Concierge Package for consideration. You can learn more about this service here.



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