Five Terrific Jobs for Moms

As a mom, you may want or need to work outside of the home. While you may be qualified for all sorts of positions, you are hoping to find one that gives you the ability to bring in some much-needed income while still having enough flexibility to be there for your kids when they need you — and even when they don’t. With this in mind, the following five jobs for moms are ideal for those who would prefer not to work a typical 9 to 5 schedule:

Real estate agent

Real estate agents usually set their own hours, but they also work some odd times like on weekends and nights, SheKnows notes. If your spouse works a traditional schedule, this can be an ideal situation because chances are good at least one of you will always be home with the kiddos and you won’t have to spend some of your hard-earned money on daycare. Some Realtor moms just list a couple houses at a time, so that they can still devote a lot of their days to their family.

Small business owner

Do your friends freak out when they see the gorgeous postcard-worthy photos you post on Facebook? Are your cupcakes or cinnamon rolls legendary in your neighborhood? It may be possible to turn your talent into a money-making venture by opening up a small business right from home. You can set up a website that sells your products or services, and spread the word via social media and word of mouth that you are now available to shoot family portraits, or pet sit, or cater birthday parties. If you are super crafty, you might also find that a website like Etsy is a terrific place to open your own store on the Internet.

Insurance agent

The insurance industry is great for moms who want to telecommute. Many different companies have jobs that allow people to work from home. Insurance agents also tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit that can be very appealing to moms who are also looking for some freedom in their schedules. Lead aggregation services like Quote Wizard enable moms to pursue life insurance business opportunities in between dropping the kids off and picking them up from school.

School teacher

As Business News Daily notes, working at a school is the perfect way for a mom to be on the same schedule as her kids. In an ideal world, you might also be able to find a position at the same school your kids attend. If you do not want to work as a teacher, there are still plenty of other openings in schools that are ideal for moms; these include working in the school’s library, being a lunchroom and playground aide, assisting in the front office, and being a teacher’s assistant.


Careers in the pharmaceutical industry can be ideal for working moms who are looking for job flexibility. As Forbes notes, the positions offer an outstanding balance between working and home life, and they typically offer a great salary and benefits.

These are just a few flexible jobs for moms seeking something different than the corporate world.

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