On The Go: 5 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere

We live in an age where work is no longer limited to the confines of an office or physical workplace. Now, there are a number of lucrative job opportunities that allow you to work from anywhere; whether you’re a stay at home mom, long-term traveler or simply in pursuit of freelance work to do from home. Here are a list of five jobs where you can use your talents and make money from anywhere.

Stock Photography

If you have a keen eye and a good quality camera, submitting your photography to a stock photography website is an excellent way to make money. Sites like Shutterstock accept a variety of media forms, which they offer to their subscribers. Generally, they are looking for authentic images that customers can purchase like land and cityscapes, family portraits, food and generic products. It’s easy to apply: applicants must submit 10 high-quality photos, which will be reviewed for suitability. Once you’re approved, you can upload your images to the site and will be paid out per download. Contributors can qualify for raises based on the monetary amount of photo downloads. The monetary tiers for raises are $500, $3,000, then $10,000. If you’re an avid baker with great kitchen light or a traveller who ventures to see amazing sites, capturing these moments on camera can really pay off.

Write Product Reviews

There are a number of websites that will pay you for unbiased product reviews. Products could be beauty supplies, home goods, clothing, food, technology, movies, music and/or games. Taking time to write helpful reviews that could be posted on high-volume-traffic sites, is beneficial to both you and other consumers. Ukritic is a site that will pay out when someone buys a product you recommend, whereas ReviewStream pays for review votes as well as product purchase.

Homemade Artisan Retail

If you’re the creative type who likes to indulge in crafts and homemade goods, there are a number of options for you to share your artisan goods with others. E-commerce sites like Etsy are a great way to showcase your unique product. Etsy is user-friendly with an easy-to-navigate interface. Trending items include home accents, jewelry, knitted goods, artwork and stationery. Selling your art or other product is a fantastic way to showcase your craftsmanship and profit from your passions.

Rent or Sell Clothes Online

Oftentimes, when standing in front of our closets, we are astonished by the volume of clothing we love and keep, yet never wear. Tradesy is a site where you can sell gently-used clothing and accessories for top dollar. You’ll be more apt to make a profit if your clothes are in great condition and relevant to current fashion trends. It is a simple, easy and fast process that’ll help you declutter your closet and share your beautiful threads with the world, all while making a quick buck.

Lessons and Consultations

Put your unique talents and credentials to use by offering private lessons or consultations. You can host these lessons either from your home or through an online outlet. Whether you’re a virtuoso musician, knowledgeable academic, or well-versed in the nuances of accounting, your advice and instruction could be more valuable than you think.

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