3 Best Tips for Office Stress Relief

If you work in an office, you likely experience stress on a fairly normal basis! Working from home also brings another level of stress, since you have home items and a family to care for as well.
Finding ways to eliminate your worries and find office stress relief is very important to the health of you and your family. When you aren’t feeling well or you’re overwhelmed, it’s tough for you to be positive and helpful to others.

By acknowledging and taking action with the stress in your life, you’ll be better equipped to handle tough situations down the line. Take care of yourself with these tips for stress management in the office:

Natural Relief

There are a number of new, natural remedies for stress without the side effects or jitters. Bach’s Rescue Remedy comes in a dropper or in lozenge form, and it’s a homeopathic stress and anxiety remedy. This all-natural solution is become very popular, and many people report excellent benefits from using these remedies when stress hits. Another useful tool is to diffuse essential oils or something that smells pleasant, such as lavender, known for its calming properties . Chamomile tea is also very calming for the body and mind, and it’s a great way to boost energy midday.

Get Moving

Exercise has natural stress-reducing benefits that go well beyond the calorie burn. When you work from home, some good ideas would be to sit or do crunches on an exercise ball, use a mini trampoline for breaks, or take a brief walk around the neighborhood. Another great idea is to do some stretches, as this relaxes the body on a deep level. If you’re feeling extra stressed and serious, dance it out! Dancing is a fun way to release tension, and when you’re in the privacy of your own home, you can truly dance like no one is watching.

Schedule It

Schedule a massage for yourself! If you don’t like massages, schedule another treatment or treat that will allow you to relax. Although it can be tough to get out of the office during the week, be sure that you’re giving yourself enough care and attention. When stress hits, we often cater to ourselves last to get it all done, but if you’re not happy or well, this isn’t ultimately helpful to others. Be kind and gentle to yourself – schedule something fun or relaxing every so often to keep yourself balanced and on the right track.

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