How to Work From Home in the New Year

It’s the time for resolutions, new goals, and aspirations for the upcoming year. It’s the perfect time to take strides in achieving our dreams and goals. For moms, it’s time to create a new year resolution to work from home. For many people, working from home seems like a far away dream that will never truly happen. This doesn’t have to be the case, and you can work your way into a profitable, flexible home-based position!

With a few simple tips, you can be well on your way to working from home, and it doesn’t have to take months and months. By going about it strategically and getting your mind in the right place, you can find a job that fits your lifestyle, skills and expertise.

  • Search in the Right Places: There are numerous sites out there offering home-based positions. Many of them are legitimate and can truly help you find your ideal work from home job. Be sure to do your research on the sites you’re using, and always consider the source of the employers and positions on the site. At, employers are individually reviewed and vetted, making the jobs and companies far more legitimate.
  • Change Your Mindset: It’s a common belief that finding legitimate home-based work is challenging and time-consuming. While this is partially true because any job search can be tedious, it does not mean it’s impossible. Go into your work from home job search with a positive, open attitude and watch what happens! When you align your actions with a positive mindset, the opportunities are endless. Check out our current work from home job posts on 
  • Set Aside Your Time: Create time and space in your life to dedicate to the home-based job search. If it’s truly your goal to work from home, it has to become part of your routine for a while. When you have specified time each day to conduct your search, it’s easier to stay organized and proactive about finding the right positions. Put down 30 minutes in your calendar each day to revise your resume, search for jobs, and apply for the right ones.
  • Highlight It: Your resume can be a big asset in your ability to find home-based work! If you’re coming from an office job, highlight the aspects of your past jobs and experiences that would lend themselves well to a home-based position. For example, if you often interview or chat with clients over Skype or conference call, mention those things. Anything that would be a common task in your home-based job is something that needs to be mentioned in your resume and a later interview.
  • Don’t Give Up: Make a new year resolution to work from home in 2015! A resolution can be tough to stick with, but it’s worth it for the results and opportunities. Any job search takes time, but working from home is truly worth it, if it’s one of your goals. Take the time to make your search count, and be sure you’re sending high quality materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.) to represent the best version of yourself. Add a positive mindset to your past experiences, continue to search, and be open to new possibilities for home-based work!

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