How to Take More Steps Working From Home

We all know how bad sitting is for our health. There have been numerous studies and anecdotes about the health risks and potential for disease from a lifetime of sitting. Hitting 10,000 steps per day is ideal, but even if you can add several thousand steps to your sedentary day, you’re helping your long term health in a major way.  


If you work from home, most of your time is likely spent seated – but don’t fear! We have compiled some actionable tips for you to get in those necessary steps while still working an office job.


Get a Fitbit


By now, you’ve probably seen and heard of fitness trackers. They’re worn on your wrist, and they’re able to track workouts, steps taken, calories burned, sleep schedules, and much more.


This is a great device for those who don’t want to use a cell phone pedometer all the time, which is helpful since they are small and not overly noticeable on your wrist.  It also allows you to be hands free!  It’s inspiring to set step and fitness goals via fitness trackers, and there are several options out there to suit everybody’s needs.


Click here for a comparison of some of the most popular brands and styles.


Keep it Simple


If a fitness tracker seems a little too intense, you can always go the old school way – a simple pedometer.  These will run you approximately $5-15, and they clip on your clothing.  This is a great option for the home based worker, since you’re likely not seeing many people throughout the day, nor do you have to wear fancy clothing.


Pedometers can be set to work with your age, weight, stride, and more, making them a handy fitness tool that’s just a bit less high tech than a fitness tracker.




Dancing is just as good for getting in those steps! Along those same lines, any 5-minute and 10-minute workouts you can fit into your day, the better. You can turn on your favorite radio station or create short playlists for your walk (or dance) breaks.


Anything that gets you moving will contribute to your overall health and increase those steps, which is the ultimate goal.  If you go this method without counting steps, take a few 5-minute breaks per day to keep the momentum.


Walking Workouts


There are several walking workouts available on YouTube and for purchase at sites like  You can walk any distance from approximately 1-5 miles, taking 15-minutes per mile. This is a great option in the winter, or if you’re not able to walk outside in a desireable area.


Try to fit in a walking workout or two just to increase those steps as a follow-along option.


Get Outside


The best option would be to get outside for your daily steps! If you can take a short walk on your lunch break, that’s an ideal time to rest your mind and invigorate your body.


Your walks don’t need to be fancy or even incredibly quick, simply aim for a set period of time (or a set number of steps) and stay consistent!

The key to meeting your step requirement and staying healthy is to keep moving.  Take breaks throughout your day to dance, move, or walk – all excellent ways to fit in your steps and keep your body healthy.


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