How to Separate Work From Home in a Home-Based Job

When you have a home based career, work and home life can start to feel like the same thing. While it’s a huge benefit to work from home, some separation is not only healthy, but necessary.


We all know that taking breaks and switching up your environment can be important, but there are some other small shifts you can make to make your work from home career truly feel more like a traditional office job – without the commute!


Mark it down


Do something work related to mark the end of your day.  Whether you close all work-related browsers, set your autoresponder on your email, or simply close your laptop, make sure that your work day truly ends.


Another trip to help with this it to set up your schedule for the next day or week.  This is very helpful mentally, since you’re looking forward and acknowledging that your work for the day is complete.  You’re giving your brain a break – a mental break and sign that you can rest and enjoy your home time.


Shift into something new


Just as you did something in the aforementioned tip to signify the end of your work day, start something non work-related when you’re finished for the day.


It can be as simple as starting dinner, taking a walk, or sitting outside with your family, but this physical break is also important in getting you into “home mode” when work is done.


Set office hours


Just as you have work hours in an office job, you should set similar hours at home.  While some jobs require unconventional hours, and it is nice to have the flexibility to work anytime for certain positions, setting hours keeps you from working endlessly.


Even if your hours are more 11-7 than 9-5, that’s just fine – stick to them as much as possible.  It’s important to choose hours that work best for you, your family, and your lifestyle.


If you must, log some time outside of office hours once in a while, but stick to it as a general rule. Everyone is much more mobile since we have smartphones and laptops, but those in a traditional job typically do get more “down time” when they go home for the evening; you need to enjoy this time too, so do your best to keep work to your set office hours.


Set up the environment


Make sure your environment feels like an office. It’s tempting to lay on the couch to work, but you won’t be nearly as productive, and it can feel more like a sick day than work.


Set up your peaceful, well-lit home office for a truly productive experience that feels like going to work.  You still get all the benefits of a home based career – no commute, more time with friends and family, and flexibility.


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