How to Choose the Right Job


In a time where it can be tough to find a job, it can seem strange to read tips on choosing the right job – but it’s crucial!


Especially on sites such as, there are various freelance, part-time and full-time positions that can be part of your career.  It’s often a challenge to determine which jobs are worth your time. Choosing between the right ones can be a difficult decision, but one that’s worth the extra time and effort to make.  Read below for some tips that will make your decision easier.


What’s the setup?


If you’re looking for home based jobs, flexibility and virtual positions are a must. Some jobs on telecommuting job sites aren’t 100% virtual, so make sure that this is discussed in your interview.


If you’re okay with going into an office once in awhile, that’s fine! But know this and mention it ahead of time. Even if the job is fully virtual, it’s still important to note the amount of flexibility you’ll have in the position. Do you have to work set hours or can you work whenever you’re available?  These are all important things to know before accepting a position.

What’s my daily life?


What will you really be doing in your daily life? If a position has a title that sounds great, but the description seems more like tasks you don’t want to be doing, make sure you get this information.


Make sure that the positions you’re applying for (and possibly accepting) match your needs, qualifications, and experience. If you’re looking to advance and challenge yourself, it’s not doing you any favors to accept positions that consist of tasks that won’t allow for that.


What’s the culture?


It’s always important to know the company culture and what it’s like. Even if you’re not going to be working with the in person team, or the team is 100% virtual, company culture is still very much a thing.


Is it casual? Is your boss strict or are you free to complete your work whenever? Do you meet up from time to time?  Is that important to you?


Overall, it comes down to really knowing what you want, as well as asking good questions in the interview and before accepting a position.  A job position is not just there for you to be impressive; the job also has to impress you, suit your needs and career aspirations!


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