HireMyMom Year in Review: Thank You 2023 and Welcome 2024

First and foremost, from our HireMyMom family to yours, Merry Christmas! We hope that you are taking this time to rest, relax, and enjoy creating memories that will last a lifetime with your families. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the holiday rush trying to buy everyone gifts and make food, but make sure you take a second for yourself to just breathe. This is also the time of year to reflect on all that happened.

For HireMyMom, in 2023 we accomplished quite a bit that we wanted to recap with all of you:

  • Lesley wrote over six articles that were featured on Entrepreneur’s website. Check out her profile here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/lesley-pyle
  • Lesley guest starred on over 15 podcasts!
  • The HireMyMom team attended three small business expos to spread the word about our company.
  • We surpassed helping over 30,000 small businesses in our 16 years as a company this year!
  • We shared 52 blogs that covered topics for job seekers and small businesses alike.
  • The HireMyMom team launched our two self-paced courses of Cultivate and Hiring Made Easy.
  • We started offering more Reels on our Instagram page to help our audience.
  • We started a TikTok page!
  • And we added new members to our Facebook group.

And so much more, but those are a few of our favorite highlights!

For 2024, we are working on expanding our social presence (so expect a LOT more TikToks) as well as revamping the kinds of emails we send to our audience. Our biggest change that we are most excited about for 2024 is that we are working on a brand new and improved website to enhance its functionality and offer new/better features for our audience. We are grateful to everyone who has provided feedback on our website, and we cannot wait to share this new version with you.

Thank you to all of you that are part of the HireMyMom community. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in 2023; we met lots of new faces and reconnected with some old friends, all of whom we are appreciative of for your support.

We wish you and yours some very Happy Holidays. As your year comes to a close and you are able to reflect on all that you accomplished, we would love for you to share that with us! Tell us about all your wins, and share your goals for 2024 with us. Chances are, many other members in our community can benefit from hearing about your journey and where you hope to go in the future. Send us an email, or find us on social media to share. We would love to see your faces on TikTok especially!

Please remember to take some time for yourself and remember the reason for the season: your friends, your family, your past adventures, and your future endeavors. Thank you for sharing your year with us; we look forward to seeing you all once more in 2024!


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