Growing in Traditions: Celebrating Mother’s Day

As the spring weather continues to get warmer, leading into summer, many start to get their gardens ready for the height of the growing season. For a friend, they start this journey on Mother’s Day. Every year, all the women in the family get together and visit every local plant nursery to find beautiful annuals for the garden. From fragrant gardenias to stunning hibiscus plants, the day is always filled with laughter, fun, and the wonderful smell of greenhouses.

It’s a tradition — a Mother’s Day tradition. For this family, the tradition just seemed like a fun way to get the family together and travel around town. Now as an adult, there is so much more meaning to the day. 

Gardening in and of itself is more than just pretty flowers that smell nice. It is about putting in the time, effort, and hard work to help something grow. It is about nurturing something and being patient as it works up to its full potential to display the most gorgeous colors or the tastiest of vegetables. Gardening is also about loss, and understanding how to move on when something you have invested time in does not work out: like when a hail storm comes through and damages plants, or when your loveable dog Fluffy digs up your newly planted lilac bush and uses it as a chew toy. It is also about letting go at the end of the season when the frost takes over and all the hard work of the summer comes to a close. It is about appreciation for all that you put in, and all that you got out of the experience.

If we look at it closely, gardening is a lot like motherhood and the lessons you try to teach your children as they grow. As a mom, you work to teach your children patience, and the effort it takes to put in hard work to achieve goals and dreams. As a mom, you are there through every season of your child’s life, and you help them navigate through the good and the bad. As a mom, you instill important values in your children such as understanding that as one season closes, another begins — and how to pick out the perfect plant for your front yard. As a mom, you create traditions with your children that are fun but that also will follow them through their lives.

As an adult now, during our weekend Mother’s Day tradition, it is clear that the day is more than just spending time together. It is about creating memories and learning valuable lessons that can be used throughout life. With that in mind, we would like to say Happy Mother’s Day out there to all those hard working moms. We know you do not hear this enough, so let us say it again for you:

You are amazing. You are talented. You are appreciated.

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