5 Top Productivity Tips for Work From Home Employees

Productivity comes down to a number of things when working from home – organization, use of space, and the ability to take a break from your surroundings.


It’s important to utilize all three tactics when you’re trying to be more productive, especially if you work from home. Since you’re lacking the accountability of an office environment, which can certainly assist in getting things done, it’s important to put your own systems in place.




Productivity isn’t all work related! Stretching, moving, and walking throughout your day is key to physical and mental health, which makes you more productive in the long run.


Set a timer or alert on your phone to get up and stretch. Even if it’s just for 2-5 minutes, it’s enough to refresh your mind, bumping up productivity for the rest of the day.  Set intervals to make this a regular occurrence in your day.


Get out


Productivity stalls when we stay at home for too long. It just becomes redundant to look at the same few walls and workspace. In an office, you have the changes among your co-workers and employees, but at home, there’s not much difference in the day to day.


If you’re able to do so, get out of the house a few days per week.  Whether it’s during business hours to work at a coffee shop, or in the evening at a networking event or with friends, it’s crucial to your productivity and sanity!  Make a few plans during the week, even if it’s just to work in a coffee shop for a couple hours per day.


Take the time


Do your best to set up a proper environment that will allow you to be productive.  If you’re constantly looking at a messy house, or sitting in an uncomfortable chair, you’re not focusing on what matters – your work.


For a few dollars and some time, you can set up a warm, comfortable workspace that allows you to focus on your daily tasks, not that uncomfortable setup. In the evenings, make sure that your space is clean and comfortable for the next day as well.




If you work with other employees or just one boss, make sure you’re communicating.  Even if you have to send out a daily email asking for feedback or a check in, communication keeps things on track.


Productivity can stall when you’re waiting on a co-worker to complete a task, or if you’re waiting for approval from your boss.  Do your part by communicating and staying in the loop as much as possible.


Set a schedule

It all comes back to scheduling, and there’s a good reason for this.  Schedules keep things orderly as well as productive. Choose one day per week that becomes your “scheduling day” and keep to it. It doesn’t need to take more than 15-20 minutes, but set out your goals and tasks for the week.  As a bonus, it feels great to be productive and check those items off of a list during the week!

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