5 Tips to Land the Job of Your Dreams

When it comes to stressful moments in life, the big job interview is near the top. Author Lemony Snicket wrote, “Besides getting several paper cuts in the same day or receiving the news that someone in your family has betrayed you to your enemies, one of the most unpleasant experiences in life is a job interview.”

But a job interview does not have to be a harrowing experience. If you are adequately prepared, it is an opportunity to show your worth. That being said, here are five tips on how to impress at your upcoming job interview:

Dress Accordingly

You should dress for the pay grade above the job you are interviewing for. So, if the position calls for khakis and a polo, wear slacks and a button-up shirt. Dressing for the part also builds your confidence and helps you get into a professional mindset prior to the interview. You may think you’re safe to interview online wearing your pajamas, but keep in mind that your interviewer will be scrutinizing you closely, and that you may need to unexpectedly move from your staged position. This is also true for Skype interviews.

Make Eye Contact

Looking your interviewer in the eyes projects confidence and honesty. This simple task can prove challenging during a virtual interview, though. It’s natural to want to watch the screen during an online interview, but instead you should be looking into the camera.

Speak the Language

You already know that you need to research the company you are interviewing with beforehand to become familiar with the terminology used in that field. But, there are also several grammar cues that interviewers look for that indicate what kind of worker you are. According to Business Insider, when asked a question, never respond in second person point of view. If you are asked, “What would you do in this situation?” do not say, “You want to make customers happy, so you try to understand what they want.” Instead, first person point of view shows a more active approach and implies responsibility. A high performer would respond to this question by stating, “I want to make customers happy, so I try to understand what they want.”

Use Appropriate Body Language

You may have been told not to talk with your hands during an interview. If you are an excessive hand-talker, this is not bad advice. However, you want to use your body to show that you are engaged and alert, especially during virtual interviews where your complete stillness may make the interviewer think the screen has frozen. Measured use of body language conveys your interest without becoming distracting. Lean slightly forward, nod when appropriate and, if you use your hands, move slowly and deliberately, not frantically.


Take a deep breath before responding to each question. Too long of a pause may indicate indecision or trepidation, but in the few seconds it takes to breathe deeply and exhale, you can calm your nerves, consider the question and respond confidently. If the interviewer seems to pause for a long time, do not be intimidated into filling the silence. The long pause is a tactic often used to see if you will become uncomfortable and begin rambling just to break the quiet, notes Business Insider.

For even more tips on how to to nail an interview, check out DriveTime’s blog has an excellent article helpful tips as well as Best Interview Practices for Job Seekers.

That dream job is not hopelessly out of reach. Consider the interview as an opportunity to shine, not an obstacle to overcome. That job can be yours with the right preparation and a few helpful tips.

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