4 Ways to Stay On Task Working From Home


Working from home can really free up a lot of time in your schedule and allow you more time with family.  It’s an unconventional method of working that has many benefits, but it’s still work – and work still needs to get done in your day.


Without the structure of an office environment, it can be more difficult to stay on task and keep productivity flowing. Although this can be a challenge to figure out at first, staying on task while working from home can be attained in a few simple steps.


Separate Your Space


We hear it time and time again, but having a separate work space is truly a big key in a less distracting home based career.


Set up a desk and workspace that allows you time to be quiet, work with limited distractions, and is comfortable. This also allows you to separate work from home life, which is another important part of staying on task when it is working hours.


Take Breaks


Breaks are an overlooked important part of our workdays.  When we don’t take breaks, we tend to veer off course and start surfing Facebook, Instagram, and Googling random items online.


Taking breaks gets your blood moving, rests your eyes from the computer screen, and gives you something to come back to with full attention.  Taking 5-minute walking breaks, getting some fresh air, or just going out in the yard with your dog can be the mental break you need to stay on task throughout the afternoon.


Remove Distractions


Distractions are the #1 issue with working from home and staying on task.  Whether TV or radio stations distract you, first you have to learn what gets you off track and remove them.  While some people can work just as effectively with the TV going in the background, others would find themselves watching a movie marathon in no time. Know what your distractions are and eliminate them!


While you can’t always have a child-free or pet-free home to work, you can schedule babysitters for important meetings or schedule the important stuff around nap times or play dates.  Staying on task requires a bit of effort in removing any distractions, but it’s worth it for the work that needs your undivided attention.


What’s Important?


Determine the most important tasks and do them first! When you work from home, and especially if you’re also responsible for childcare, your days can take different turns than expected.

When you complete the important items and check them off your list early in the day, you free up the rest of your time for variable time schedules and happenings.  Prioritize with a list, calendar alerts, or by scheduling meetings at times when you’re least likely to have a distraction or something come up.

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