4 Ways to Save Time During the Week

Between being a working mom and juggling home, family, and other obligations, weekdays can be a mad rush of timing and scheduling issues.  It’s important to keep the peace as much as possible, but that’s tricky when there’s so much going on Monday thru Friday.  Read along for some best practices in saving time during the bustling workweek!

Get into a groove

Schedule and routines are helpful for everyone involved.  Start by setting a general weekday schedule that’s appropriate for the whole family.  Write out a list or calendar that features everything that needs to be done in a typical week.  From here, create your schedule for what needs done, who needs to be where, and where free time is located.

When you have a schedule that is fairly the same week-to-week, it’s much easier to handle spontaneous changes, as well as find the time that you can be more productive or spend with friends and family.  When you don’t know where your time is going, it can feel chaotic and things can begin to get missed.

Plan meals

Weekdays are characterized by work and a lot of running around, so cooking can be a time-consuming process.  To eliminate some of the time spent prepping and shopping during the week, ensure that this is done on the weekends, or a specifically designated day.

If you have several free hours on Wednesdays, maybe that’s your time to shop and food prep.  Find out what’s best for you and your schedule.  Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to plan your meals for the week.  Utilize Pinterest and other cooking sites to find recipes or ideas, then build your shopping list and get everything done in one trip.  It’s also helpful to spend a few hours prepping the food, or at least the items that can be done ahead of time. This eliminates a lot of day-to-day thinking about meal prep, and can also save money!

Set it all up

Plan your weekends! Although weekends are typically used for family, friends, and spontaneous adventure, they can also help you a lot during the workweek.  Spend an hour or so on the weekends to set up for the week ahead.

Create your to-do lists, schedules, meal plans, and anything else that is part of the forecast for the upcoming week.  This is a great mental exercise as well, as it keeps things much more calm and organized.

Know what you need

Sometimes saving time involves others that are available to help you.  Set up a carpool for your kids, which will give you more time to work or run errands during the week.  There are also meal exchanges, play dates, and other family set ups that give your family a break during the week.  It can be helpful to look into some of these options, especially on your busiest days.  Babysitters and caretakers are also incredibly useful to free up your time during the week.  Although it’s an investment, typically your time will be worth it to ensure that you’re able to get done what needs to be done during that time.

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