4 Top Tips to Generate Blog Content

If you own a business, brand, or you’re simply knowledgeable in a particular field, you know that blogging is a crucial component to your website.  Blogging is so important for SEO, and helps you to be seen as the expert in your field.  It establishes a type of trust with your readers, which can also translate into increased sales and business relationships.

Blog posts can help you give industry advice, as well as giving your readers a look into your industry and business.  Although we know it’s important, it can be challenging to come up with blog topics on a consistent basis.  Read along for some top tips to ensure that you’re generating quality, consistent blog content for your site.

Answer the questions

As someone with experience in any type of field or industry, you likely receive questions about it on a frequent basis.  Additionally, you might have a FAQ section of your website.  You can take these questions and expand on them, or answer them in a different format.

If you’re struggling to get started with this, ask a friend or family member to ask you a few questions about your business or industry that they would want to know.  You can also consult your social media pages and see if there are questions tha tyou’re repeatedly asked.  Show the value of your business or industry while giving your readers some knowledge in the process.

Draft the top

Top 10 (or any other number!) lists are great, and everyone loves to receive tips in easily-digestible bites.  This content is best created in brief paragraphs or bulleted points, as people tend to skim these lists.

Don’t let this deter you! You can pack a lot of fun, valuable information in a number of tips, and this type of post is much more likely to be read – and even shared.  You can do top reasons to hire someone in your industry as well, which is always a helpful post for those looking to hire someone like you.

Share a story

Everyone loves personal stories, as well as getting to know the person they’re considering doing business with.  Keep the story relevant, or make a definitive point, so that it stays in context with your message.

Personal stories are a great, once-in-a-while type of blog post that can assist you in building relationships and trust with your audience.

Set up an interview

Interviews are fun – for the interviewee and your readers! Ask someone to interview you, as a “get to know the boss/author/owner” type of post, or you do the interviewing!  Get in touch with past clients, happy customers, or someone who has used your product or service.  This is a great method of advertising too, as your client’s’ opinions of your business are more valuable and unbiased.

You can ask them questions about their background, their experience with you, as well as a few fun questions to get to know them.

In the same vein as interviews, you can always conduct behind-the-scenes looks into your office, your workflow, business processes, and so on.  Readers truly enjoy getting to know a company on a personal level, and this is great way to create content while sharing yourself with your audience.

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