4 Top Tips for Work From Home Employees

Working from home presents a unique set of challenges and perks, but the common theme is that things are simply different as a home based employee.  From finances to taxes to workspace, these things must be considered by you in most cases, versus relying on an employer.

Read along for some best tips and practices to ensure that you’re ready to work from home successfully.

Stay financially savvy

It’s important to keep track of financial records, expenses, and tax items when you work from home.  Often times, you’ll be a 1099 Independent Contractor instead of an employee, which can come with unique tax structures and filings.

Look into some of these structures before beginning your home based career, and advise your spouse of the differences in filing. You can also set up a consultation with an accountant to ensure that you’re keeping tabs on the right items and have your employment set up correctly.

Create a space

As we’ve said time and time again, make sure that you have a specific space set up for work.  Not only can this be important if you have a business for expense purposes, but it’s key to staying mentally healthy and organized in a home based career.

Set aside a room or section of your dwelling that’s just for work – and keep it that way.  When work becomes everywhere, it can be very tough to turn it off at the end of the workday.

Turn it off

Stop working at some point in the day! Whether you choose to work at night or during the day, be sure that you’re logging a normal amount of hours on a consistent basis.  Of course as with any job, there may be stretches of overtime, but this can become more prevalent working from home.

Set office hours just as you would at a traditional job, and really be home when you choose to finish work for the day.

Use the right tools

The right tools are incredibly helpful in keeping you productive in a home based career.  While an office job typically has these tools built in, you have to set them up for yourself to ensure success.

Working from home typically requires more planning and thought than a typical job, but with the right tools, space, and forethought to ensure that everything is working smoothly, you can enjoy the vast benefits of productivity and flexibility that a home based career can provide!

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