4 Tips to Transition Back to Work

School is starting again soon, and if you’re a work from home mom, you might have taken a short break or lessened up on your work over the summer months.

While this is a typical practice in the summer with certain jobs, the fall brings new schedules, structure, and a return to the “normal” that we see the rest of the year.

Use the tips below to help you transition back to work and ramp up your business this fall.

Take it slow

Slow and steady is really the key here! You don’t want to rush into your new routine, since this can be jarring to your, your health, and your family.  It’s best to take it easy and do one thing at a time.

Start by laying out everything you need to purchase and do for the upcoming weeks.  From here, lay it all out, and lastly, start implementing. It’s a time to make those little changes before the big changes take place in just a couple weeks.  Although we love the freedom of summer, sometimes the structure of fall helps our productivity and effectiveness.

Take care

As schedules change and we get more and more busy, it’s important to take care of yourself.  This means getting adequate sleep, exercising and eating right.  It’s a good time to look up healthy recipes online and get a schedule in order for the fall, making it much easier to meal plan and keep healthy meals on the table.

Exercise can be as simple as evening walks with your kids while they’re still in summer mode, or getting out to take a class with a friend.  It’s all about re-establishing those healthy structures that will keep you happy, healthy, and stress-free as the school year begins.

Get things organized

Start now with your family calendars! Now is the time to get life back on a schedule.  Get yourself (and your kids!) to bed earlier, and begin to get back into your fall schedule mode. Purchase a refrigerator or desk calendar that works for the whole family. It’s best to use dry erase markers for changes, as well as any additions that might be needed.

Getting your calendar started now is the key here. It’s not ideal to wait until the chaos of school starting to get things in place – the time is now. Take a big picture look at your first few months of fall, decide on activities and obligations, and be sure to pencil them in as soon as possible.

As far as work, begin your calendar and list here as well.  Start deciding how your days will change, what work you’ll be adding, and how to balance it all with other family obligations. It’s important to get an overall view of this now, so you can avoid overwhelm in the near future.

Enjoy it

When it’s all said and done, the summer will end soon and fall will be here any minute. Enjoy summer while you can! Fall is full of fun activities and the new excitement of school, but it can be hard to realize that summer has passed.

Above it all, enjoy the last few days and weeks of summer. Even though you’ll be starting to get things back to normal and on a more regulated schedule, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on those spontaneous moments of summer. Enjoy them while preparing to make your transition forward!

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