4 Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

The holidays are over and we’ve been back into our healthy grooves for a while now.  However, it’s that time of year that a lot of sickness is going around! Watch or read the news and you’ll hear that the flu season is running rampant.  It’s important to do your best to stay healthy and keep your immunity high this winter.

Read along for some of our best tips to stay happy and healthy!

Keep it clean

It goes without saying that cleaning is a crucial component in staying well.  Wash your hands as soon as you come home, remove shoes inside the house, and wipe your phone.  It’s been said that phones are as germy as public bathrooms!

Other important tasks involve being mindful of coughing and covering your mouth, disposing of tissues immediately, and generally avoiding passing your germs if you’re already rundown or ill.

Natural options

Medication isn’t the only way to get and stay well! There are plenty of holistic options that will be more beneficial for your body – and keep up your immunity to colds and the flu:

  • Hot tea

  • Bone broth

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Raw honey

  • Green juices

  • Vitamin C supplements

  • Plenty of water

  • 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables daily

  • Natural immune supplements such as Wellness Formula, that includes several immune-boosting ingredients


Get your rest

Rest is so crucial to your immune system. You know that when you start feeling rundown, it’s only a matter of time before illness takes hold. Exercise and being active is so important, but you don’t need to take it to extremes! Be kind to yourself – take breaks and don’t cram in a ton of things without down time, especially this time of year.

Make it a priority to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Take time to wind down in the evenings – relax and give your immune system a boost.

Cancel it

If a friend or someone’s kids are sick, do your best to cancel plans. It’s not fun or always convenient, but this helps to eliminate the spread of sickness. Illnesses can stay active for 24 hours to weeks after exposure – on surfaces and inside the body.

Click here for a helpful resource for parents that will tell you when your children are safe to return to school and activities.

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