3 Ways to Relax This Summer

Work doesn’t stop in the summer, even if you work from home! The kids are home for a few months and schedules are just a little bit different from the other 9 months of the year.

Although you’re home as a work from home employee, steps still need to be taken to ensure that vacation is effective and productive for you and your kids – and even relaxing!

Plan the fun

Work doesn’t’ stop, but everyone admits that there’s a different feeling in the summer. Teachers and kids are off, companies tend to slow down, many more people are traveling, and so on.

Do your best to plan your fun and include more of it while the weather is nice and the kids are out of school! There are plenty of options, from water parks to theme parks to day trips to local cities and towns of interest.  Plan a staycation or two during the summer months – it’s something to look forward to, all while enjoying the benefits that summer has to offer.  Since everyone’s schedule tends to be a bit slower this time of year, it’s a great time to get away with minimal disruption.

In addition to scheduling family activities, make it a point to schedule a few things just for you – a manicure, a different hike with friends, or maybe a trip to a more distant shopping center or day destination.  It’s the time to enjoy the outdoors and some time off!  You can lean on family and friends to work through carpool and babysitting plans.

Shut it down

As we emphasize again and again, you have to shut down at the end of the day! Summer afternoons or nights are perfect for an afternoon by the pool, or for a trip to the movies or ice cream.  Whatever you like to do with your family or friends, make sure you’re shutting down in the summer.

As we’ve said, it’s a less busy time of year, so overtime should be less during these months.  Truly take these next few months to really shut down on time or enjoy a few hours during the day, as you’ll be much more refreshed and ready for work (and busy schedules!) to pick back up in the fall.

Set summer hours

Decide on the times when things are least likely to be going on with your family and work then.  Depending on your family, these times can range from early afternoon to later evenings in the park.  which might include some later hours, or earlier if you and your family enjoy evening activities.

Your summer hours might vary from your hours the rest of the year, which in general is just fine.  Most work from home jobs are fairly flexible, in that you can work whenever as long as the work is completed.  Even if this isn’t the case for you, setting your office hours can help you set expectations for yourself, your employer, and your family plans.  

Summer is a special time that’s very fleeting and won’t be back for quite a while.  It’s important to take advantage of trips, fun outings, and unique scheduling while you can. Take those special moments for yourself and your family to truly come back more relaxed and refreshed!

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