3 Keys to Facebook Fan Page Success

Not only is Facebook important on a personal level, it’s even more crucial for business. How many times do we look up a business online and look to see if they have a Facebook page?  Websites are great and informative, but Facebook pages show how a company interacts with customers and clients, as well as how the communicate on a more frequent basis.  In a word, it sets the tone of the business.


In addition to giving more information to your prospective customers, your Facebook page can give great insight into how you do business on a personal level. Read along for some tips to keep your page professional, engaging, and successful.


Be Consistent


Consistency is key with social media! If you can’t post on a consistent scale, don’t bother having the page. You don’t need to post daily (or multiple times per day), but a good place to start is 2-3x per week.  Once you can do this consistently for several months, feel free to bump it up. As long as you have quality content available – and you are willing to post consistently – post as often as you’d like.


Consistency also shows customers that you’re relevant.  If your last post is from 2 years ago and you are in the habit of posting approximately once every few weeks, it can show that you’re a bit out of touch.  Again, if you aren’t willing to post to your page(s) consistently, it’s better not to have one at all.


Be Valuable


Providing value has become a type of buzzword these days – and for good reason. Valuable content brings potential customers to you, and it also keeps them coming back for more. We often think that hoarding our information until someone buys is the key to sales, but it’s actually quite the opposite. When we give a lot of free, valuable information away, we are seen as the trusted, expert source in our industry.  When you take the time to provide a lot of value, it’s clear that you know your subject matter, and customers feel much more trustworthy in buying from you.


Your customers will come to appreciate this value, and will also look to you when they’re ready to purchase something. How do you feel when a page you follow consistently posts about selling?  It gets to be obnoxious, and you don’t feel that you’re receiving anything from them.  Put this into practice and you’ll likely see an increase in engagement as well as sales.  To entice people to “like” your page, you can even offer special discounts to “Fans only” or something similar.


Be Personable


Lastly, be personable! Facebook is not as serious as your website, and you’re allowed to have a little bit of fun. Post inspirational, humorous, and fun posts from time to time, along with your value-added posts.

Also, there are many businesses that you’re able to review on Facebook.  You may get a review that isn’t so nice, and whether it’s warranted or not, do your best to stay calm and respond to it kindly.  This is your chance to shine! How you respond to reviews says a lot about you and your business, and customers like to see you take the high road.  Respond in a calm, rational way, and your future customers are far less likely to hold a few bad reviews against you.  Additionally, do your best to respond to comments and questions as quickly (and as often) as possible.  Being personable and kind goes a long way!

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