Jenny Gaal

“Three years ago a personal training client of mine informed me about It could not have been a better time in my life as I was a single Mom approaching a new schedule and the fact that I would have 3 kids in 3 different school schedules. A 9 to 5 would have never worked for me financially, professionally, or personally. Within the first month with HireMyMom, I had a great job with an eCommerce based company in California and worked for them for 2 years. Then later seeking a new position, HireMyMom was my first go to, and I found another perfect fit. Again, within a month with HireMyMom, I signed up with another great remote position and could not be any happier.
I highly recommend HireMyMom in the search for your next venture. I am two times happy and very thankful for an organization that values a work/family balance. I honestly do not know how I would have been able to pull off the last 3 years without their amazing remote job hosting platform. Thank You!!”