3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working From Home

When a home-based worker tells someone that they work from home, they are instantly envious. They imagine days spent laying on the couch and working whenever it’s convenient. While working from home certainly has some excellent perks (flexibility, casual clothing and more time with family, to name a few), it is still work!

Read along and ask yourself the following three working from home questions before obtaining home-based work. It’s important that you understand and realize the changes that are about to take place before committing to a work from home position.

  1. Why Do I Want to Work From Home? It’s a misconception that working from home involves laying around in your pajamas and watching TV. Yes, you could do that, but you would get very little accomplished! Working from home is still work, and establishing why you want to do so is important. A home-based career can change your life in wonderful ways, but it can also be a shock if you aren’t prepared for the changes. Are you pursuing home-based work to have more time with your family? This is a great reason and one that will give you the motivation needed to succeed.
  2. Are My Skills Applicable To a Home-Based Position? If you’re a lab scientist, it might be tough to find a work from home job. It’s not impossible, and you can lend your skills to tutoring, technical writing, project-based work, and so on, but it’s not as easy as finding social media or editing work. Consider your background and industry before applying for home-based work, since jobs that often require you to be on site will not always translate into many work from home options.
  3. How Will This Change My Lifestyle? Working from home is a change! You will be home each day, which is both wonderful and challenging. You will be in your house, so it’s tough not to notice the things out of place or the rug that needs swept. When you work outside the home, those things are put aside till later. You will also notice that the errands and chores may fall more to you, and sometimes that is easier since you’re at home during the day. It’s important to know that home-based work provides a lot of flexibility, but it can also bring more work to your day. This can make scheduling a bigger challenge, and you’ll have to be extra diligent with your time.

Take these working from home questions to heart. While it’s a great experience, it’s also a major lifestyle adjustment that’s not for everyone.

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